1. Thank you, I will reply after my shift. Thanks again for extending

  2. It would technically be cheaper to threaten to file a civil suit against them. A Judge with 1 braincell will easily rule in your favor. Believe it's like $120 to file in HamCo lol.

  3. Thats not feasible. Although I like it and I'm sure they would have to pay court costs it would be to much time invested in it. I just want reliable product.

  4. Super feasible... well scratch that... some counties in Ohio look like they're stuck in the 1800's- but if you live in one of the progressive counties, you should be able to efile. And yes, all you'd do is show up. FS wouldn't waste their time or energy, giving you a default judgment.

  5. My buddy just got the get a matter vape cart for 1 of you spend 150 or something like that it won't even hit. Matter is TRASH

  6. Thoughts and prayers for said friend.

  7. Would Amex have done a hard pull if you had your credit reports unfrozen? Does anybody know? Thanks

  8. Once you join and receive your first hard pull, that's it- you can leave your reports frozen and apply. But if you really want to be "safe"; unlock Experian.

  9. Your comments/discussions are deemed inappropriate.

  10. This will be the only "main post" for this topic. All future posts will be deleted and directed here.

  11. Certified gets up to some shady shit for sure. I’ll deal with it because I really do enjoy the select line. Regularly on sale for $300 a ounce for what I consider the 2nd best flower in the state behind galenas artifact.

  12. Agreed on Certified, those 14g bags are so disappointing. Barely any terps and it tastes horrible lol.

  13. thats why you have to go when it's on sale. like today it's 20% off all flower

  14. Every day is 30% day for me, but it doesn't change the product I'm receiving. I don't want to buy shit at $30 or $120.

  15. Best pictures you have posted. I would send these to Galenas. They would dig it for sure.

  16. OP needs to turn this into corporation and sell the images back to the cultivators lol.

  17. It's such an amazing tool! I'm very happy it's being used to assist in accessibility of communication, it seems like a VERY strong use case for it :)

  18. It was amazing until Klutch was born.

  19. The terps and flavor on this guy are insane at 3.0v on my Uni Pro. Oddly enough it is the least viscous cart I've ever had among any type (distillate, co2, live resin, rosin). It moves around as you tilt it, 0 delay for the oil to slowly change positions, never seen a cart with this "liquidy" of a consistency.

  20. Carts are more viscous because of the terpene content. Especially BR.

  21. The recommendation itself is not reported to OARRS but purchases at a dispensary are reported the same as any other controlled substance prescription. If someone runs you, the purchase will show up.

  22. Ohio has NARX for this. If the computer generated code is above 300, your luck of even getting codeine.... is slim.

  23. NARXCare is integrated into OARRS and is the score I was talking about. Below the score is basically a graph of your controlled fills that's color-coded so you can look at and understand what's going on with a patient pretty quickly. It has default and custom flagging options that will alert you when something is off. Honestly, it's a really impressive suite of programs and they've put a ton of money into it.

  24. I thought Ohio Administrative Code forbidden that. I know the PITA part, as I went through the channels but they claimed that doctor notes are not a part of a patient's profile/history so that was a fun waste of time.

  25. I'm a bit obsessed with the OG Runtz :( flew off the shelves so fast lol.

  26. They took a play out of Ohio's thievery. They sell 1g carts "so you can have more" aka steal an entire day for .3 grams worth of liquid. Fuck off.

  27. I've never ran out of days so I'm not concerned with that.

  28. You should be concerned for other patients and less pretentious of your own habit of using your medical days. Please rationalize why spending an entire day (840mg) for about 30mg of THC is fair.

  29. Livwell is just Matter. rebranded, their carts are called Magnitude. Sleezy.

  30. Only through May, then their prices go back to 'normal'.

  31. Reminds me of when Verilife did a spend $50 get a 5.66g jar of hay for free. Still haven't opened it lol.

  32. Best. They put Ancient Roots on spot.

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