1. It’s Crude Oil before being processed into Distillate. The vendor must be completely fucking clueless.

  2. Hey, dumbass, this is literally how most medical and recreational/adult use legal shops package their products. All the fancy labels and packaging is a good indicator of shitty street juices that you suck down.

  3. Not in California or Nevada (the packaging is way different) I guess dusty ass CT is different

  4. Not at all, the second game is actually a prequel of the first game, so it would actually make more sense to play the second one first

  5. It still stands best to play RDR 1 before the prequel. The way it contextualizes the past hits hard once you get to 2.

  6. Lmao all it is annoying and unneeded. This is a comment section, but I love the thought of the looks you'd get if you corrected someone on that irl 😂😂

  7. Nobody in the real world behaves the way people like you do online. Face the facts.

  8. I will just assume you are shitposting. This is some low quality shitposting frfr

  9. Funny how if that was in a little glass container for dabbing I would imagine it’s gas but since it’s stuffed in a cart and supposed to be oil, I’m disgusted.

  10. Self defense and protecting someone else from great bodily harm/death ONLY. EVER.

  11. People hate them but they’re some of the only BM brands I trust if you know what to look for and have one of their reps in contact.

  12. Very rarely do I see listing where they actually tell you the location other than “ it’s apartments, etc”

  13. idk bro I got these Mario and Exotic Carts straight from the dispo in Cali and they taste good and they smackin and they was only 60 for the full G

  14. My head thumping but I’m pretty sure I’m smacked plus it tasted like I ate too much candy and have heart burn.

  15. These types of people don’t even stop to think about what they believe or why.

  16. Not true. You cannot purchase a handgun under the age of 21 in most states. However, most will allow you to own one if its gifted or carry one on duty. Ive met 20 year old cops before.

  17. Well I can see you are full of bad choices, and you are here to lecture me?

  18. Nice dice tray, man. I have a similar one that’s just an Italian leather valet tray, essentially.

  19. This is cute... but the IRS does not care about a girl making $80 shaking her pussy lips on a video camera. So I call BS on this.

  20. Another comment says it has to be over a certain amount of money taxed and it depends on other factors

  21. They are full of shit, though. Look into the whistleblower program on their own site.

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