1. As long as Terry Porter isn’t the ref, Miami’s got this

  2. I got lucky! He got the package as a free promo at a dispo and knew I wanted to try dabs so he handed it over since he doesn’t dab. 🤘🏻

  3. Dumpster- Anyone in the Columbus area in late 90s/early 00s would remember this beautiful girl. Still in my top 5 I’ve ever smoked.

  4. I got some absolute gas in Oregon a few years back on a golf trip at Bandon Dunes- 60 for the ounce and it was fire. Oregon might be the champ when it comes to quality/pricing for ounces in the US.

  5. Michigan too, ounces for 60 or if deals 3 for 140, love my card

  6. I’m in Ohio- What dispensaries you recommend in Michigan that have quality flower for cheaper prices? Or a cultivator that you like?

  7. Monroe Michigan is a few miles over the border. Solid selection of stores. JARS and Puff were my 2 personal favorites. 20% off purchase at JARS and a free 1/8 with any purchase at Puff.

  8. Boiling hot water and dish detergent. Add the detergent, then boiling hot water. Let it sit for a few minutes then rinse out.

  9. Signed a new offer sheet with a company- Start in a few weeks and now about to go play some golf. 13th round this year since I broke my back 14 months ago.

  10. There was a strain in the late 90s/early 2000s in the Columbus Ohio area called Dumpster. Stuff was magical.

  11. Same here, nothing spectacular to be worth the second or third trip for some folks.

  12. Like you said, it wasn’t anything special. Mac and cheese was avg, chicken was good- Plus no ranch.

  13. Mr Spots was always our go to. Fire steak combos galore

  14. Michigan has some of the best legal fire I’ve had anywhere in the US. Mixing the OG and the Jelly Roll is just phenomenal. 2 for 50 at a local shop.

  15. Boiling hot water and dish detergent. Proven method for over 20 years.

  16. Planet 13 is the Walmart of Weed- Prices are not great, but you gotta go once. Reef is right around the corner- Another bigger shop that is worth checking out.

  17. 20 bucks ?? Looks solid to me and at that price, holy shit.

  18. i’m 18 and it was my 4 time using edibles

  19. Drink water, and eat a good meal. I’m shocked a 6 mg edible would last the long.

  20. Completely agree- Columbus here and I get gas on the black market.

  21. Unfortunately most Columbus ones suck. You gotta search for deals and sales at all places.

  22. Chilled Cherries and Bahama Berry. College football all night

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