1. Tbh that’s probably one of the worst bosses for Azur, he jumps around like crazy

  2. I've had it planned: I had Melina and my jellyfish distract him while I stacked a few buffs.

  3. I had a blast. Didn't think his hp bar would melt that FAST.

  4. Saulden by default for being the nicest crestfallen dude despite being mocked by Aldia and Shalquoir. Plus, it's nice to hear him cheer up once you bring enough people to Majula.

  5. If I wanted a relationship with someone who'd simp for me, I'd pick Boc.

  6. I really love the shadow and the fume sorcerer sets.

  7. My character is a cleric is named Maiden Vanadis, and I usually hang around in the Undead Parish (to give righteous justice to twinks).

  8. Only invaded a few times (mostly to dealt with gravelord servants), I usually use the character to be summoned by other players or fight invaders

  9. Good luck trying to explain this to the Darkmoon Knightess lol

  10. Soon, you will have walls of rat heads that would rival Anor Londo's dragon room

  11. He's like a lost golden retriever who got abandoned and latches on to the next human who gives him a crumb of kindness

  12. He's trying to bribe me with a puppet of my own. The audacity. I would NEVER stoop to the level of his depravity-- (sees what he's selling) Give me the jar man.

  13. Since this is a magic school, this makes me the class clown

  14. I saw something similar in the Belfry Luna the other day and it had this: "thrust required ahead in short hole"

  15. "Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation…"

  16. what level were you? I always wanted to get summoned but never could back in the day. my current character is like level 130 so i'm guessing it's too high to find a match 9 years later..

  17. I was like level 112, but my soul memory was around 850k level

  18. Took around 10 minutes, I used a red sign soapstone and put down my sign every 10 seconds

  19. Gravel the Fuck, Douchatiel of Meh-ra, and Badley of the Old Gank

  20. The skeletons be like "We're taking a day off because were bone tired"

  21. You can drag some of them to places you wouldn't think as long as you don't kill the boss they are tied to. You can drag

  22. He can still be summoned for that boss even after killing the Dragonrider

  23. You can drag Sellsword Luet to the Mirror Knight fight (just be sure to kill the mobs in the path before summoning him), and you can summon Creighton and Bashful Ray to the Executioner's Chariot fight (as long as the Skeleton Lords are still alive).

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