1. im selling 1 Ga 1975 aragon ball room chicago december 8 222

  2. as a stand alone speaker? deviet. As a home theater? Sonos.

  3. i think its a sonos thing like their bass blends instead of fully adds basss

  4. mate if money isnt issue get the bigger sub you can turn the sub level all the way to -15 which is non existent or -10 to where the bass isnt too bothering and has a thump to it. You will thank yourself longterm when you happen to move into a house in the long run.

  5. i would put it in the ceiling brother you get the wide effect haha jk eye eye is always the best you want the upfiring speaker to bounch around your ceiling

  6. or just get sub gen 3 and put the sub level to - 10 and you got yourself a submini and future proof when you move to a house

  7. its wonderful i run sub gen 3 , beam gen 2, sympfonix i plan to upgrade if an arc 2 ever comes out

  8. Have you seen how Apple have implemented their AOD it’s not some janky little set of numbers moving around the screen. It’s the whole Lock Screen dimmed. You can’t compare the two. 10hz will drain the battery way too quickly with that sort of AOD. So mate, you can keep you’re crappy android AOD I’m happier with the way Apple has implemented as usual.

  9. your too blind to realized its all marketing termm do you really think 10hz will drain so much more battery having the aod when your not even using the phone in the first place let alone an oled panel?? as shitty as android is aod didnt really take alot of juice from the phone let alone an iphone with superior battery management and software

  10. its the sub low end that effected it became a little muted in favor of a higher mids. Pre 14.12 you can feel/hear theat high end bass bouncing around your walls even with true play on but now that is gone. If you turn off true play tho it fix the issue but you lose clarity with true play.

  11. I have a Gen 2 Beam, I added Symfonisk rears and I’m waiting for the mini sub to hit the market and I’ll go that route.

  12. I disagree with you, i will assume the mini in the nutshell is a sub gen 3 but weaker and cheaper. I have the sub gen 3 you can lower the sub to a point where you can barely hear it. I dont see the point of mini other than cost. If the money isnt the issue sub gen 3 is the way to go

  13. btw with the 14.12 the sub low end is weaker with trueplay on. You dont get the thumping bass that bounces off from walls ive tested it/heard it and peter pee tested with graphs to provide also

  14. What do you mean. “True play breaks it”

  15. you can always turn down the bass on sub to the lowest or none at all so i dont get the reason people want a mini sub other than cost. Other than that if money isnt the issue its the better decision.

  16. you lost me on the parenthesis man what does it say on sonos app? pcm 5.1? if it is then the content your viewing isnt natively decoded in atmos but rather uncompressed. Try viewing a content that has atmos support and see if it still doesnt show atmos

  17. I typically see Gen 3 subs on OfferUp for $450 or less. Depends on where you live and if you’re okay with a lightly used one.

  18. you see i feel iffy about buying because most of the time they want to ship outside of what offerup is offering. Downside to that is you lose the purchased protection and can out yourself of getting scamm

  19. spotify has that remote group session andyone can que their own music

  20. its the heat my man nothing degrades a battery faster than hot temperature

  21. im hoping iphone 14 pro move into the 1inch sensor like all the upcoming android phones to elimate the need for sharpening

  22. bought mine at launch and its still 100 heat plays a role on degradtion for sure

  23. I can’t seem to get mine to focus on the moon , no matter what I do

  24. bring the exposure slider down so the moon wouldnt just look like a bright blob

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