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  1. Sick We have the exact hand size what grip are you using for the XliteV2 and Lamzu

  2. Those colors say nothing but Fortnite

  3. I have about 10 minutes in Fortnite total actually....I just really like purple lmao

  4. also, I'm interested in getting a controller for PC and I'm stuck between PS4,PS5,SX controlers what do you recommend to get for pc (general use Racing and Solo games like spider man & GoW

  5. Good for you mate so what are your top 3 out of the bunch

  6. I wanted to get half life but I just thought It won't be a good game for this time is it worth getting at this age after all it's an old game will I gain fun from it

  7. pretty much all Valve games are worth it.

  8. I bought it with money there is no other way

  9. oh I mixed it up with the first one so yeah it's still on my wish list I got the old one but never tried it hopefully it's good

  10. my guy metal bat shaped the big one let alone this small one

  11. posted only 5 days then said fuck it but hey I will participate in the 2023 NNN and I think I'm improved because the last NNN I lost in the first 5min

  12. You have fans to cool your balls so it should be a significant improvement

  13. Russia, Middle East, Central Asia ("the Stans"), Indian subcontinent, south-east Asia.

  14. They even removed this now you can't even do it and it's still not back

  15. On the wiki page for Opera the gender is simply "Opera".

  16. So it's the same as Najimi from Komi San can't communicate

  17. I only know a little about Najime from Komi. I can say that Opera is a well developed character despite limited time in the series. One of the funniest chapters is when Opera taught Iruma and Ameri how to cook.

  18. I'm up to the latest chapter been reading it for over a year now

  19. I’m disproving it. Translated once is not translated many times. Translated is also not changed, Specially when the original is available to make this comparison. Compiled in Greek, translated to Latin by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is 2000 years old and started by Jesus himself.

  20. My guy the oldest Bible a slave has been published in between 300-350 AD so around 1700 years ago so 300 years after the death of Christ himself so there is no way that is the original also when you translate something into another language there will be without a doubt miss translation and over 2000 years it won't be the same its been changed from the beginning to represent what they wanted from the start

  21. The the Bible was compiled in 200 AD, compiled because scriptures were already made far and wide. Those scriptures written by disciples of Jesus and people who knew him personally as early as 50 AD

  22. Ok let's see that the Latin Bible is untouched and unchanged is still doesn't prove anything since no one is allowed to touch it nor read it because it's been preserved and I am talking about the English bible which has been changed over the years and years

  23. It says female Quataris aren’t allowed…but all Quataris wouldn’t be allowed in the bar in the first place right?

  24. Yes not only all Qataris but also every other person from a muslin country in the middle east like KSA, Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, and more

  25. Only 2 people died in building the stadiums and not from work overload the 6500 deaths are from the entire country but somehow the media can't bring real news these days

  26. Can someone give me an invite to his discord it doesn't work on his channel it has expired

  27. You have waited this long 6 days won't be a problem it will be even more rewarding to you

  28. TF did python do also yes we hate aMerica and Furries

  29. I use all 3 at once the outcome in EnGrish

  30. I'm happy for you but why the Razer mamba Isn't it an old mouse with a bad game and heavyweight

  31. My who can get it all for 30€ because Turkey

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