1. The question from the post was "What character can you recognize from a single line?"

  2. They still have remarkably similar ethnicity indicators on their bones.

  3. Stick to posting cringe on cricketshitpost and porn subs fella

  4. From Sachin gawd to dhoni thallah hu thallah to gillchrist (not to be confused with cheap australian copy)

  5. Well, I 'm lovin it. Still not as fucked up as Blowfly Girl

  6. You cant serioualy think kl hasnt earned his spot as opener, made so many imp centuries in eng and sa lmao.. insufferable

  7. And he lost it following that as well. He hasn't converted any start over the past 2 years. Even kohli left to get a mental break. How does kl keep getting more chances and better positions without anything to show for it

  8. Rohit I can still understand. But Virat Kohli in my opinion should continue as no. 3 in T20s. You need one anchor player in T20s as well around whom game rotates. Plus Kohli is in good form, scored lots of runs in Asia cup and World Cup. Also considering his fitness he ain’t retiring anytime soon.

  9. He is.... They didn't kick him out. They are managing his workload by making him play only ODIs and tests this year

  10. As much as a fan of Kohli, not really a fan of this approach. This is unfair for the guy who took his place and hustled for a significant number of matches and is also unfair for Kohli who gets right in without any format specific match practice...

  11. Without kohli number is suryas who would other wise be number 4. Hooda atm is on a backup for injury bases.

  12. There were over 100 teams taking part in T20 wc qualifiers last time

  13. Tony would probably choose the famouse and expensive corporate lawyer with da experience over Bruce's sister, a sleezy roadside laywer and a pro bono public defendant.

  14. Bhai retirement odi se 2027 me Lena T20 me 2026 ke wc ke baad Lena leking wtc 2031 ya 2029 Tak khel Lena ye meri career advice hai

  15. oh right i forgot we found out she’s not immortal after all

  16. Nah it was Ricky Ponting curse. Koach was on 70, Ponting 71. Koach took almost 3 years to make this century.

  17. Kohli took 2 and a half years to equal pontings odi wickets tally too...

  18. Its a clear case of Dowry…. As per the law giving dowry is crime equal to demanding… they both should be imprisoned

  19. Why are the 2 biggest continents pushed away to other and special voting locations given only to usa and eu

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