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Stop, chill, relax

When laughter meets percussion

Shower them with laughs

  1. I would say RUSH, Geddy Lee being tied with Neil Peart , Alex Lifeson is no slouch either.

  2. Sounds great, especially that bended note! Great work

  3. Very nice, I’m learning to play all my favourite songs on guitar drums and bass, I’ve got guitar and drums for this one but bass is next πŸ’ͺ🏼

  4. Check out some of the electronic mesh kits, the brand Alesis does some really solid affordable kits!

  5. Try playing it with a capo on the 2nd fret. You would voice the E chord in the D position, and you can then get all of those cool hammer ons and pull offs

  6. 4 yrs I’ve had mine and can’t put it down. You won’t be sorry you bought it.

  7. Nice jam! I have a tele that looks like yours, too! πŸ‘πŸ»

  8. Fucking knew it! I love your cover. Your voice is great!

  9. What's the top string tuned to? Sounded lower than E..

  10. β€œNow that’s a guy who’s too coward to admit that he’s sexually attracted to the green m&m”

  11. Fuckin A, not half bad at all! One of my favorite songs on my favorite album. Keep rocking!

  12. One of my favorite AC/DC songs, especially the live β€œIf You Want Blood version!”

  13. This sounds great! I started playing the bass this year and right now I'm practising Satisfaction and Under my thumb.

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