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  1. Yooooo, I’ve never thought about adding Tajin to a sorbet, what a great idea! Watermelon or lime would kick ass…

  2. You mean like how Anne Lebowitz became famous! Yeah, she sued all her competition until they weren’t competition.

  3. Do you have a source for this? I’ve looked around online, and the only thing even similar to this that I have found is that she may have passed off another photographer’s work as her own on one occasion. I can’t find anything about her suing anybody.

  4. My big problem is that the one near me has a regular Italian with no additions for $11 and a giant for $18.

  5. For real! My partner and I treat getting Jersey Mike’s like a date night, it’s so fucking expensive… So tasty though!

  6. I’ll second Tin House Studio for YouTube channels to check out, and I’ll also add in Evan Ranft. Evan has a business course that he just launched for (I think) $85 USD. I haven’t paid for it yet, but I intend to, as I’ve found his regular videos super valuable.

  7. 1st day working a new job at Jimmy John’s. My manager is like a 24ish year old girl. While I’m standing by waiting to clock in, I overhear her bragging about the night before she was driving drunk, hit a car, and bolted. Laughed about how even if they did trace it back to her, her Daddy would be able to pull rank at the sheriff’s office and get her out of any trouble.

  8. For someone who famously DOESN’T SHARE FOOD, he sure does help himself to Monica’s fridge all the time.

  9. Came here for this one! My partner and I use it regularly!

  10. I recommend checking out Pixieset! I use all of their services, including their contract templates within the Studio Manager.

  11. Hey OP! If you’re looking for photography critiques, you would be more than welcome over at

  12. Jack cracks me up in this episode. “Why don’t I remember this dog?!”

  13. This is one of my favorite jokes in the whole show 😂

  14. I randomly got involved with a special needs group and photograph their proms and Christmas parties. It is incredibly rewarding to see the smiles. Lately I have been thinking of reaching out to a rehab and offering a free family portrait to anyone graduating their program. I love making money with photography, but really enjoy the few groups I get involved with in charity environments!

  15. I really love the idea of the rehab graduations! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. I’ve read studies that say it takes about 3 years for someone to break their mask, particularly abusers. Not always, but generally.

  17. Damn, that’s pretty horrifying information… Happy to be entering the 8th year of my relationship, lol

  18. I’ll be the third to mention it now, but I have loved Greek yogurt for upping my protein. The non-fat kind is about 100 calories and 17g or protein for like 2/3 cup.

  19. Can schools require students to be potty trained before entering kindergarten? I thought this was the case, but it may vary by location.

  20. This was the late 90’s, but the church affiliated pre-school (ages 3-5) that my siblings and I attended in Texas required that kids be potty trained.

  21. If you feel like you completely have a truck locked down, then it’ll come back pretty easily in a sesh or two.

  22. Good luck selling those electric cars to all the right wingers

  23. My baby bro just sold his Tesla because he didn’t want to support anything Prosecute/Fauci had his hands in. I’m proud of him and hope others do the same.

  24. Well, I thought it was pretty damn fancy, but I drive a 20-year-old, hand-me-down Dodge, lol

  25. Ah! The spread beans and no claws had me thinking cat, but that extra toe was throwing me off for sure. Neat!

  26. Holy shit, dude! To me, 16 pounds doesn’t sound like a like a lot, but it LOOKS like so fucking much! To someone at your exact height and SW, this is crazy inspirational. You are amazing, keep it up!

  27. Bruh, I will be so fucking stoked when my abs look as good as yours do in that blue girl cosplay (apologies for not knowing the character, lol). May I ask how tall you are?

  28. I watched that documentary too! It was pretty cool to see areas that I'm familiar with. There's also Apollo 10 1/2 that shows the growth of Houston starting with the late 60s. Great stuff.

  29. Fuckin love Richard Linklater ❤️ Haven’t seen this one yet, but it’s on my list!

  30. But where does it end. Covid is not going away EVER. It is the flu or a common cold now. Everyone is going to get it over and over. Should our response be to wear masks and stay six feet apart and not have any gatherings until we all die. People are not going to change their entire lives indefinitely for what amounts to a cold for most people. That is the crux of the matter.

  31. Asking someone to wear a mask in a public space is not asking someone to “change their entire life indefinitely”.

  32. With all due respect, you’re going to have to come to terms that this disease isn’t going away, and will probably be with humans for the foreseeable future. Many people did their due diligence and at this point, life has to continue. It really sucks and I wish there was a better option, but trying to mask and social distance until it’s not an issue is going to destroy the population mentally before the virus kills us. Life’s short, live and and love to the fullest. I’m a happier person going out and experiencing things with others in spite of the danger, for a ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what they were built for.

  33. Wearing a mask while in public spaces is going to destroy the population mentally… how?

  34. Fuck the cops and fuck the New York post for adding that bit at the end about the registration not matching the plates as if that somehow matters in any way regarding what happened.

  35. I think they only added that because the cop’s original excuse was that he thought it was a stolen car that had previously evaded him.

  36. There are multiple productions with the same name.

  37. TIL: There was a television show called "Cougar Town".

  38. I watched this show when my pandemic bingeing was in full swing, and thought the first 3 seasons were really funny and consistent. The last 3 not so much… But I liked Courtney Cox in this as much as I did in Friends.

  39. i forgot the brothers garcia existed whoa

  40. I distinctly remember The Brothers Garcia as being the first (non-educational) show I ever watched that wasn’t a cartoon.

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