1. Hormone repalcement therapy can make you grow a beard or tiddies, but it cannot make you lose them

  2. I hear if you put a hole in a cantaloupe and microwave it then it feels like a real pussy. I have no experience with either microwaved melons nor actual pussy, but I heard that

  3. Thanos is an unreasonable buffoon and an abusive shit, but the movie keeps being like "he's so smart... He loves his daughter...." Shut the fuck you

  4. Oh yeah. The land itself is wealthy as fuck, it's just that all the resources are constantly being "purchased" for prices that can barely sustain the people in them for use in countries made wealthier by owning those resources. Africa can very well be able to provide for itself, but it would require global systemic changes to everything with economy and production

  5. Lots of talk about girls with daddy issues, basically none about the presumeably proportionate number of fathers who permanently emotionally scar their daughters

  6. 38 (out of 800) pages is not nearly enough. It is the rare book that I have not finished regardless of how bad it turned out to be, but I wouldn't quit much before a quarter of the way.

  7. Dhalgren. I came in for an interesting and deeply frustrating read but honestly it's not making a lot of promises

  8. People might use words such as stupid or crazy, but out of courtesy I'll call them "ridoculous"

  9. In the mighty words of Moto Moto: I like 'em chunky

  10. G and c go 'soft' before an i, e or y, the e stays when you still need something to make the c or g soft

  11. Oh man, it's a fucking trendy hipster fine dining place where you order a burger and get three test tubes each with a spoonful of something that had once been soy

  12. The color of pee is determined by the concentration of urea in it. If your body quickly tried to flush out the caffeine there wouldn't be a lot of urea buildup so it's mostly just water

  13. Spouse compatibility is probably less important than how they're socialized interact. If you're socialized to treat your spouse with earnestness and respect, I think arranged marriage can prove just as healthy as whatever the fuck we think we're doing

  14. Still sibling-in-laws. You can see this in Break Bad of all places

  15. Actor Thomas Brodie Sangster is secretly Dionysus:

  16. Folks were raving about Super Mario Odyssey for a while, and it's not that I didn't enjoy it, but I definitely didn't "10+ hours" enjoy it

  17. The color is named after the fruit. The current 6 colors of the rainbow are not reflected historically before the 1700s

  18. There's people entering the cul-de-sac at 3 the fuck AM, sending screens of brilliant yellow gliding across my bedroom.

  19. Personally I think I'll stay on land, but I don't know how I can mobilize. I can't imagine those tails are flexible enough to sit on any chair - might just crawl around

  20. Women tying their hair up in a ponytail. Not having it tied, the act of tying it up. And adjusting their glasses by placing their thumb and index fingers on the top and bottom of the lense? Kills me every time.

  21. Flaccid it's small point nothing but erect it's actually a touch above avrage.

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