1. Hell yes. Love what I got from Weedys last trip and would like to see some of the newer strains if you’ve got em.

  2. Be nice, he gave up a weekend for your sins.

  3. As one who keeps my buds and edibles in a safe due to kids in the house, I can attest this is a real -world problem

  4. That’s not necessarily true. Alice in Chains and STP are still playing live…

  5. What do you mean kinda? You think it's not Alice In Chains anymore because Layne died? Bullshit. Jerry Cantrell is still there and he's honestly more responsible for their success than Layne was.

  6. Remember, this is capitalism; if you’re not being a productive, good little worker bee, then you’re useless.

  7. Asks for fluffed up resume- "wtf, I'm not reading this shit" lol. Standard hiring manager.

  8. Same folks will scoff at you not including a cover letter and wonder why people get mad about reloading all their work history in the form after uploading a resume.

  9. 91 iso is available everywhere around here: drug stores, grocery’s, Walmart. For me, it’s the easiest and most effective

  10. They didn’t even make it all the way down. There’s longer videos I’ve seen from this place where they make it to the “hall of faces” at the very bottom. There’s a guest book down there to sign if you’re interested.

  11. Lived in ME (the Middle East) for 6 years, can confirm its far superior.

  12. As in one lived in you for 6 years or you lived in Maine for 6 years?

  13. If it’s going to be around for a bit, mason jars come in a ton of sizes. Toss in a boveda and it’ll last forever.

  14. This is going to be VERY state-dependent. In more open states like California or Michigan, there is less governmental regulation so corners can be cut in the name of profits. In more regulated states, the gov sets very specific guidelines that must be adhered to and the sites are inspected by gov regulators routinely. Pay is (in my experience) exactly like every other job you’ve ever had, bi-weekly, with all applicable taxes deducted. I’ve done work in a very regulated state and it was one of the safer positions I’ve ever had. Lots and lots of cameras, man-trap doors, panic alarms, etc. Staff and customers were generally very laid back and conversational. City PD would come through from time to time and were super friendly.

  15. Yup, I remove myself from the interview process when they mention drug testing. Last time it was the second or third round and I just flat out said “I have a medical card, I’m not passing a drug test for anyone at this point in my career.”

  16. I’ve taken a similar stance. I have a job and do well but look at other companies to advance/ make more. I’ve reached a point, however, where I’m not willing to compromise my life’s joys for a job.

  17. I would totally play through it again if they'd updated the controls. Trying to use a Pro Controller like an N64 controller is just too painful.

  18. Bit pricey, but they make an n64 controller for the switch. Haven’t used it but it’s made by Nintendo so probably legit

  19. Easter egg hunt. After they found all of the candy-filled eggs, we pointed out a couple a bigger eggs they missed. Hid their magic bands inside

  20. This was my first though. Has been my favorite since I was a grade schooler. The retracking this past year makes it feel almost too tame now though. I kind of miss the feeling that we could fly off the track at any minute

  21. I'm thinking mystic timbers, thing is smooth, fairly whippy and runs in negative temperatures all winter fest long.

  22. Those rides during winter fest are brutally cold too. Especially if you’re accustomed to summer park visits

  23. They definitely don't take everyone I just went through a process in California

  24. That’s an exception to the rule then. Around here, they’re constantly advertising to try to get people into the DOC facilities. The pay isn’t great but the benefits and retirement are really good. I took the assessment but ended up declining the position years ago. Written/video assessments and a mild physical fitness portion. Agree with what’s said below, look into county work if you’re looking into corrections. This will give you more options down the line. You can either stay in jail work and advance or move to the road.

  25. Metal gear solid. At the time it was an absolute cinematic masterpiece and showed me games could tell compelling stories after years of side-scrollers. Also the innovative gameplay and 4th wall breaking like psycho mantis checking how many times you’ve saved and the “Hideo” controller swap. Hell yes.

  26. This is a friendly reminder to both remove the faceplates from receptacles and cover said receptacles in painters’ tape before rolling your walls. Also, banana plug for a speaker

  27. How do you see 4 men bring a bed into the middle of a firehouse for a woman and think it might not be porn

  28. There were 5 men carrying the bed. Please rewatch and take better notes. The quiz will be based on the longer version.

  29. More of an “art” film. Dialogue’s a little thin but the plot is fairly compelling.

  30. I see everyone taking about ponchos, but wouldn’t rain jackets suffice?

  31. The cheap-o ponchos pack easily into a bag and take up almost no space and weigh very little so you don’t mind carrying them if you don’t need them.

  32. Scott’s has a huge cannabis specific line. Hawthorne Gardening.

  33. I think that’s why they don’t market it under the scottts name. Also keeps their name away from cannabis which some may disapprove of.

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