1. Why? Have a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in the neighborhood?

  2. “Got in one little fight and mom got scared saying your living with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air!”

  3. Electoral college favors smaller populations in terms of citizen:representative ratio. This would not be a bad strategy due to winner take all situations in almost every state, but it also wouldn't be the optimal one - you'd want to move people into purple states or slightly blue states, leaving deep blues states as lost causes. Moving into purple from red states would be better than packing red states.

  4. People can move to North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Those are slightly blue states. Also in regards to people moving into those states making them swing states, yes that’s true but that was before the Covid lockdowns, now Republicans are moving out of blue states by the hundreds of thousands and they need to keep moving out of blue states. Gotta get this winning strategy done soon.

  5. No way in hell are those blue states man. You been to Kansas or Kentucky lately?

  6. There you go again bragging about this special truth only you know. You have| an obligation to share this with law enforcement.

  7. Ahhh....of course! Didn't the publisher pull the subsequent book based on it because they were afraid of being sued? And didn't the data tracking firm say explicitly that the movie producer's conclusions were not what the data showed? You might as well claim Lord of the Rings as evidence of hobbits, orcs, and wizards.

  8. Well they wouldn’t be sued it told the truth. The fact based footage isn’t from How To Train Your Dragon it’s actual footage of election fraud.

  9. Whenever I watch Yellowstone every Sunday night on Paramount Network I usually fast forward the commercials.

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