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  1. Doesn’t count if it’s not in a Hardcore server! :P

  2. Holy shit!!!!!! I always thought of these two! Mind is officially blown!

  3. I would love for it not to end. Seems too soon. There's so much left to be explored. Imo.

  4. Battlefield 2 Modern Combat. OG Xbox. Blew my my 13 yr old mind! The campaign concept was so sick! Being able to jump from different soldiers on the BF!depending how the mission went the news report and shit would be different. Fuckin a man the memories of that game. Had a clan named the Freedom Fighters! lol ahhhh shite. I’m getting old Kid

  5. Didn’t know how good we had it then. I used to sit and play BF1 for hours with friends. I experienced some of the funniest moments online playing that game. I really miss when it was at peak player numbers…

  6. My buddies,who I met through work back then, we were just talking about how much we played and love that game and all the other good ol memories from that seemingly so far away time

  7. Nearly 7 years since release. Time really flies

  8. Miguel Hands down. He’s the Chosen one. Daniel and Miyagi Do owned the 20th Century. The 21st is for COBRA KAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! Ggghhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  9. Think of how glorious the jungle WW1 warfare would be though once the devs get another decade of experience.

  10. Dude Ironbelly is the man! Ya fucked up kid. How did ya piss off the chillest man in Calradia?!

  11. I think they should combine all games into one so you can go from Verdun to Tannenberg to isonzo without having to quit because Tannenberg is dead

  12. Johnny and Miquel. Johnny is the father he never had.

  13. “ Hey Asshole! You’re supposed to keep the helmet on!” Solo somewhere in the back

  14. Fuckin a, I live in so cal but Hey Zeus there’s PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!! Lol and the almost got hit by the taxi move and no one cared. So New York

  15. Halo 2. Not because of gameplay, or story, or anything like that. Because I was a GameStop Store Manager when it came out. For the midnight release, I ordered pizza for my staff, closed the store at 9pm, and then we set all of our interactives up to multiplayer and played for 2.5 hours while rabid fans looked on through the front windows, unable to do anything.

  16. Halo popped my Cherry. But Halo 2 made me a Man

  17. I think I remember your post about this from a couple months ag Ah yea

  18. Eyyy I remember cracking up reading this post! Lol hell ya

  19. Spoken like a true Irish man! I’d love to see it! A lil DLC! Kinda like what Bad company 2 did with the Vietnam one back in the day!

  20. Damnnnnnnnn Chozen is a beast but damn this would be so sick!

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