1. I haven't used it yet but am planning on moving over....

  2. You're welcome. Another one I'd say is comparable to symphonic that you have to apply for is AWAL.

  3. Thanks 🙏🏼 yea I keep gravitating towards the sm58. Definitely thinking that’s a good pick for a first microphone that will last

  4. Gotta second the 58 for what you are looking for. Just be sure to hit it with a pre-amp to get those levels right.

  5. thanks for the feedback! Can you explain a little bit more of what you mean?

  6. You have a Strat with a tremolo bridge. First you need to make sure the bridge bass plate is parallel with the body of the guitar. If it's not you need to turn the two long screws (same amount on both screws) on the back of the guitar under the plastic cover until the bridge is parallel. Then using a .050" Allen key that should have come with the guitar you adjust the height of each string with the Allen set screws (two for each saddle turning same amount) try to get each string at 5/64" measuring the bottom of the string to the fretboard at the 12th fret. You will need to retube the guitar after each adjustment & the guitar should be 100% in tune when you measure. This will get your action in the ballpark. You can fine tube the setup later.

  7. This is the fix op. There should also be springs inside the back you can angle out more to create more tension which will help slam that action some.

  8. you can slap repitch on after the plug-in, which goes up to a couple of octaves.

  9. I think the melody into call and response you have going is working great. Really nice work!

  10. Modo Bass - you can switch any of the included bass guitars to 5 (or even 6 from memory) string mode, to get down to some real low notes. Fantastic plug in, I use it for all my bass guitar needs.

  11. Yeah, it may be helpful to draw a clear line between production projects and rough demos. I've tried a little keeping rough demos really simple, just drums and voice. Work out the chords later. Sing any riffs. My pitch is bad but I'll understand what I was aiming for.

  12. It is very helpful to have an organized filing system for that!

  13. Yeah alright, but just started working in nursing and at the moment I am seeing a lot of people dying from smoking related diseases like: copd, cancer, wounds that won't properly heal due to bad circulation. So I got a bit revved up.

  14. i get it man, I delivered home 02 and DME for a few years and A LOT of my patients were there from smoking. It is a very sad and slow way to go in most cases.

  15. I can't see the frets but I'm going to assume there isn't MAJOR wear which is what it takes for that to become a problem.

  16. If you want a big and open sound pentatonics are a great go to. You also run into less avoid notes in a not thinking improv scenario.

  17. As mentioned it can be a lot of things. From cables, to connections to bad grounding in your location.

  18. Mixing is a journey with a lot of different skillsets OP.

  19. There's a lot of ways to approach this and specific things you need to tell different types of stories. For example rebirths have different parts and trajectory than tragedies which move differently than voyage & returns etc.

  20. There's a lot of ways, the most organic and inspired IMO is to just find a track, or write one, and listen to it a lot, over days an days and just start throwing stuff at it until you have a section you really like. Then track it so you can listen objectively and build around that.

  21. Really nice work with the song write and production, I'm diggin the vibe!

  22. Thanks for listening and the feedback :) Yeh definitely can add more low end in the guitar intro and solo, i high passed everything from around 400hz to just get the top end and let the backing guitars come through with the chords and rhythm. Love the panning idea, will definitely look at automating into the center after the first chorus for more humph. Will listen again for the clicks on the fills (only using headphones for mixing due mixing at night). I have never heard of the 3 different reverb fx send will need to look into that, to help them sit better in the mix (youtube will be my friend lol) i eq my reverb aswell to clear up the lows with it, i suppose you could do the same with the 3 in a bus? Sorry if its a rookie question. I was trying to harmonize the end vocals aswell but turned into a pile of muddy mess, yeh good idea with pulling back on the rhythm guitars that should help clear everything up with them. Thanks again for listening and the feedback.

  23. I’ve been rocking the yellows for a while on my electric. really enjoying Dunlop. You think I should pick up some greens?

  24. I haven't spent much time on the yellows so I can't give a fair comparison. Gonna pick some up and run 'em through some sets.

  25. Yeah for sure, I’ll pick some up the next time I’m by the music store. Thanks!

  26. Hey peeps, I'm still early in my guitar journey but I'm looking to purchase a bass or electric guitar in December. I don't know anything about amps or where to start, so any info would be helpful.

  27. I will say good bassist tend to be able to gig more consistently since good guitarists are a dime a dozen.

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