1. I am a fan of the booty shaker, perfect profile. Look and work great on an A Rig.

  2. That bait is TERRIBLE. I will DM you my address and I will respectfully dispose of it properly for you.

  3. Technically I think that qualifies as a motorized water vessel, thus requiring registration and numbers. That’s the only reason I haven’t tried it on my kayak yet.

  4. If the cops pull you over in the middle of the lake, just shut the leaf blower off and say you were using it to clean the water

  5. I don’t make much money and I have a legal fishing license and where I’m fishing is no limit or anything. If you are talking about people who let bass go cause they are trophy fish then I’m not worried. If they want to get butt hurt over someone fishing they are on the wrong sub.

  6. Nice catch!! My dads loves bass and although I tried it a couple times it still doesn’t rank high on my list as redfish, walleye or perch. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Do you deep fry or bake?

  7. Agree that doesn’t look legit. Matrix just doesn’t fall apart and I have had to soak in vinegar for hours just to break it down.

  8. Put a barrel swivel on the O-ring first then tie to the barrel swivel. That jig will twist your line.

  9. The Bible was originally titled “Chuck Norris and Friends”

  10. Looks like mimosa. Grows like mad in the south.

  11. Thanks!! It’s a real pain now I need to get rid of it.

  12. It’s not a mimosa, it’s called chamberbitter. A weed that will grow seeds that explode and send them flying 10 feet in every direction. Better get rid of it before it takes over your lawn, garden, and anywhere you don’t want it.

  13. I caught a very expensive Alligator Gar. I was releasing it when it started flopping around and the gill plate cut my forearm. I instantly cleaned the wound with iodine and all that good stuff but didn’t realize until later that a small piece of the gill broke off and was in my arm. Fast forward 2 days later and on my way to work I stopped at the ER to have them asses the infection that grew overnight. Ended up being admitted for 2 days on a slow antibiotic drip. Ultrasound was able to find the small chunk and nurse sliced the arm and pulled it out. By far the most expensive fish I ever caught.

  14. Throw towards the nearest log or brush pile and wave goodbye.

  15. Like those bellows gill huh? I have a couple packs and still need to give them a try. Thinking free rig setup.

  16. Yep will catch pike and may want to use a good leader. I have lost a lot of lures to pike as their teeth slice right through flouro or mono.

  17. Found an eel in a gut of a Redfish. Pretty gnarly.

  18. Warmouth or Rock Bass. I thought Warmouth had the red eyes.

  19. New definition of “will work for food”. Here’s a cheeseburger, give me a BJ

  20. Definitely!!! The slightest breeze will push you and will not be able to hold your position to cast…..unless you have a pedal kayak. I have a 3lbs anchor on both kayaks (pedal and paddle) and spend $20 on an anchor trolley. That will help you move the anchor from from to back and can position yourself however you need.

  21. Can you elaborate or point to any good videos? I just started kayaking this year and I’m sure my form is terrible.

  22. No problem and will link a video or two that my buddy (kayak instructor) sent me. They break it down nicely as to how and where the paddle should enter and exit in order to gain maximum efficiency, and how to use your legs and core to drive power. Starting out I was all about powering the paddle with my biceps but that burns you out to fast and creates too much splash. If your making a splash with your paddle, your losing energy. Using my legs and core while keeping arms fixed made all the difference. Stand by and will hunt for those videos.



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