1. Try wim hof breathing. There's a great guided video by Wim on youtube I always use

  2. Boston Connor's opinion should never be taken seriously. That's why he sits at the toxic table

  3. Rob Schneider is a stapler...and he's about to find out that being a stapler is harder than it looks

  4. I had this issue and I wasn't even smoking everyday for more than two or three weeks, but there were other things going on that compounded to make it worse. Lost a ton of weight but took a month long t-break and started to keep mental note of when I smoke to spread it out a lot more which has been working great for years now. (I smoke about every other day)

  5. Scout instructions, contract 0-1 years remaining, world class attribute, age 22+ (can't sign players on a free if they're under the age of 23 I'm pretty sure. This will scout people who turn 23 before/during January). Once you hit the January transfer window the instruction will add players for next year so I usually add the players I want to sign to my transfer list on December 31st.

  6. I'm sorry that you are struggling with this. It has definitely been a constant battle for many and it takes a lot of energy to fight sexual temptation every day.

  7. I'm not OK for one reason and it might not be the reason you think. Rooting for either City or Liverpool to win the league is like cheering for a giant douche or turd sandwich. Both suck.

  8. Christianity on Trial by W. Mark Lanier does a great job imo of bringing logic to some of the beliefs of Christianity. He looks at faith from a trial law point of view. Some of his arguments can be considered a stretch by some (from reading online reviews) but I really enjoyed thinking about the topics he writes about!

  9. Personally I read ESV most often because it makes the most sense to me. I like to have MSG, NIV, and CEV on the bible app in the compare section to help with some of the more difficult verses to understand.

  10. Loan for year or two sometimes works for me. Worst case scenario you can sell them at a higher overall later

  11. Yes, non-denom here. Grew up in a christian family and still following in my late 20's

  12. Grow Ohio is the top dog for sure. Most potent and hard hitting. My favorites include Layer Cake (I), Black Jack (S), and Super Lemon Haze (S). Klutch can be pretty good although I've had issues with them clogging more than the other brands. Sherbhead is my go to although I forget what type of strain it is. Hon isn't bad but it's the worst brand I've tried. I'd say it's pretty average when compared to some of the cartridge brands in general. The effects are the weakest but I think some of them have great taste. Blueberry Cheesecake is my favorite from this brand. Can't really go wrong with any of these brands in my opinion but I'd rate them top to bottom like this.

  13. I have the same problems. I can't tell you why God allows these things to happen, but God has used both to connect with me and has made the best of these situations. He saved me from my depression and gave me new value for the ups of life and continued peace as my depression is a cycle. He never left me when it was at its worst and has always helped me through days where I just want to isolate in bed all day. The good days always come even if I can't see them on the horizon. He has also given me a new value for everyday things such as getting out of bed each day because there have been many days where I could not move or sleep due to the pain I was in. Each day where I can workout, play sports, or even just be comfortable walking to class are blessings and I know now he will give me the strength to make it through the frustrating and difficult days when I cannot.

  14. I hope you get better and pray God will make the most of these situations in your life.

  15. More like sell some stuff so I can buy a house and furnish it

  16. I had a dream last night of a similar UFO, my first UFO dream. Triangle shaped, light grey exterior, with three blue exhausts on the bottom instead of lights. There was a huge one just above the cloud line (mothership), but there were more car-shaped ones. I could hear and feel a calming vibration in the air as I looked at it in my dream. Anything similar here?

  17. If God is truly all-powerful and regards the bible as his then wouldn't you think he'd be able to control the translations to still provide us evidence of his glory or whatever else he wants us to takeaway from it? We also have the Holy Spirit inside of us which can guide us in our reading of the bible regardless of translation.

  18. Smoking weed in itself is not a sin. But as a user myself I'm warning you, it is highly addictive and difficult to stay away from once you've had positive experiences. It's a drug, it helps you mentally and physically but has side effects that will creep up on you. Bottom line, abuse is where it turns to sin and it's hard to stop using cannabis once you start.

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