1. I found a keyboard for 25 euros on ebay kleinanzeigen it's pretty good for being that cheap

  2. The film was sooo good I'll also be going for a second time next week

  3. Hi, ich bin zwar noch nicht in Leipzig werde aber bald dort hinziehen um im Oktober mit dem Bachelor anzufangen. Hätte nichts dagegen schonmal jemanden zu kennen

  4. Not a video but a funny story: My student email address that I used to have always had this automatic "sent from outlook for android" that you could click and it'd take you to the app store to get the Outlook app. I replaced mine with a hyperlink to a rick roll. I'll definitely do it again if I get another student email address like that

  5. If it isn't moving I just capture it in a glass and take it outside. If it's crawling towards me it gets crushed and flushed down the toilet

  6. I had the same problem but you can usually fill out all the application forms at tk, receive your insurance number etc without having an immatrikulationsbescheinigung, as long as you give it to them before the insurance starts (October 1st usually). At my uni it was also the same with the immatrikulation, I got the vorläufige immatrikulation without proof of insurance and at the same time I applied at tk so now I received the number and could finish my insurance proof for the uni, pass on the Immatrikulationsbescheinigung to the tk.

  7. Do you also have a what's app group or discord server? I'd like to join but don't have Facebook

  8. Which country are you currently in? The DKB offers bank accounts to Germans living in some non eu countries

  9. I'm not living in Germany yet but I'll move there soon so in order to find an apartment essentially we drove to a train station behind the border to Belgium and from there used the 9€ ticket to get to Leipzig. It was a little more than 10 hours on the way there I believe, miraculously without any troubles at all and even had a place to sit every time. The way back however was a full on disaster it took us around 15 hours in total because the Schienenersatzverkehr didn't arrive on time to get the only corresponding train so me and three busses worth of other people found ourselves stranded in the middle of nowhere until there finally was another train hours later.

  10. I don't know about bulk stores, but if you want to avoid plastic maybe go to the market (Wochenmarkt)?

  11. In what kind of conversation do you need to ask someone about the state of their vagina?

  12. Eating noises are considered impolite here, so even if youre used to showing how much you like the food by slurping etc. Try not to do it in Germany. Also its standard to use toilet paper so not many flats have a bidet

  13. Also a person who regularly has abortions instead of just buying a pack of condoms is probably not fit to be a parent either

  14. Yeah, because this subreddit is a place of borderline ethnocentrism for Europe, the takes on here are indicative of nationalist ideas and propaganda, and all they do is serve to produce more hate and annoyance from people.

  15. If you don't like it why keep reading the posts?

  16. Read what you just said again, like just think about what you’re trying to say here…

  17. Military spouses are actually at somewhat of a disadvantage in being hired because of the fact that they move often with their spouse. There are actually several organizations that help them find jobs and are told to add this to their resumes. They also recieve federal education benefits among others. The truth is that living on an enlisted persons pay puts many of these families on Snap benefits, wic, and other programs when the spouse cannot work outside the home.

  18. My mom had the problem though were not from the US. Basically she just quit working after moving every 3 years and everyone was refusing to hire her for such a short period of time. Thankfully one income was enough for us to live comfortably otherwise it could have been a real problem

  19. Reverse psychology no one would ever assume you turned something mortal into a horcrux also tbf I'm not entirely sure Nagini was still mortal after being turned into a horcrux

  20. His role was basically being a double spy he managed to convince them that my telling Dumbledore he was spying on the death eaters (and giving some less important inside information) he simultaneously got information about the order he could pass on to the death eaters

  21. That depends on you and your agreement with your partner

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