1. I LOVE the Astros and I saw I had a blueprint for the orange ones so you beat me to my next step haha

  2. Yeah they’re nice. Orange Yamanes would look good too

  3. Appreciate the suggestions man, especially not being an ass about it because people get weird haha

  4. Sounds good, is vocal mandatory ? As a French baguette I'm reluctant to speak English because of you know, accent.

  5. Haha I'll message you friend

  6. I'm 35 and happy to be added into a non toxic community 👍🏼

  7. Hey I'm a public school teacher. Would love to play with any of yall. Also, obviously, I'm great with kids.

  8. thank you for opening my eyes to the screentone zomba combo their textures are very similar

  9. Haha I've been looking for a decal that works with these for a little bit so glad to help! Now to find a combo that works for the black ones haha

  10. CXC5 says:

    Hey man ranks vary. We have front no rank to go and everything in between

  11. Do you guys ever do custom maps/modes? Either way, I'd probably be interested. Mid 30's and Plat/Diamond.

  12. CXC5 says:

    Nah we are a small group of players that hop on the game when we can (since we all have busy lives) and looking to play with some chill and mature people instead of solo q

  13. CXC5 says:

    Just shot you a message honie

  14. I’m down. Def a new player. Never played ranked. I’m also looking for people to play and chat with

  15. CXC5 says:

    No doubt come join

  16. CXC5 says:

    Yeah it'll be a little before I hop on. I'ma watch this heat vs Celtics game first. My epic is cxcamacho tho

  17. I would say to identify the talent, check the leaderboards?? Also, what is your budget? You’re likely going to have to pay these players and coach..

  18. CXC5 says:

    Yeah I figured I would once I start getting more competitive for sure. And I'd wanna meet with people before getting into pay specifics but trust me I get the need for talent and pay. I just want to start out small and slow. Too many orgs that have tons of teams and the focus isn't on who's participating. Just trying to do it the right way and not take on too much

  19. Well I’m champ 2 in 2’s…how small you wanting?

  20. CXC5 says:

    Depends on whos interested and how many. That's why I wanted to find a coach to work with me on figuring out. I'd get the team in tourneys,scrimms,practice and in leagues to help so thats why the coach is my first step

  21. CXC5 says:

    One thing I've done is I've done a "modified expansion draft" where I go through 5-7 players from each team that they would make available for an expansion draft. Factors that play into why a team would make them available are age,contract, position depth and more. Then you put those players on your team and try to build it up. It's hard for the first few seasons but addicting because you need to really keep an eye on money and use the draft

  22. There's dozens of these little orgs out there... would suggest joining one of them first to get a feel and understanding of the work behind doing so before jumping into your own and starting from scratch.

  23. CXC5 says:

    Hi! Thanks for taking the time to respond! I'm doing exactly that now actually! I play for a team and I'm observing the movement and staff needed and etc. So it's a great suggestion and I'll deff keep doing it for sure.

  24. Yeah I was involved in a couple back when I was playing seriously for a time... With a good crew and minimum GC rating it's not bad to reach the top 128 in the region and the final day of qualifications for RLCS. I then went to coaching and we reached the top 50. Considering there are only (back then at least) 16 places to play for at the start of the season, while a milestone, was nowhere close to qualifying. At some point the competition becomes pro / semi-pro and it's a whole other level where only the top SSL can really battle to survive as advanced mechanics are commonplace and can throw off lower tier players which don't expect them.

  25. CXC5 says:

    That was amazing and thank you!!! Yeah I've been debating starting off with lower tier teams so that I get a feel and system of bringing in coaches, scrims and etc. But if it did rise in comp level then money will most certainly play a role

  26. CXC5 says:

    Lol yes I know I got that🤣

  27. CXC5 says:

    Totally was not lol but still doesn't mean it isn't cool

  28. Love the preset. Although, if I may offer a suggestion, I think the stock octane body would fit better in this preset that the TW octane body

  29. CXC5 says:

    I appreciate it man! Yeah I hear you and jumped back and fourth. I like the white because it breaks it a little and I have some white in the trail and boost so it helped but stock works too!

  30. Kid cudi is an artist with kid cudi vibes lol

  31. Alvaro Diaz , he has specifically cited kid cudi and Kanye as influences!

  32. CXC5 says:

    Thanks for the suggestion and for not being a clown like the other idiot!

  33. I was thinking coaching sessions from like wayton and sunless. And maybe even RLCS coaches like Virge.

  34. CXC5 says:

    Agreed this was legit like a dream scenario but I love it! The biggest person I thought was like Musty (obviously with the flick) lol Sunless is amazing, Athena would make an appearance with her song legit the possibilities are endless

  35. Unfortunately I doubt it'll happen... and even if it ever did, I'm sure you'd have I pay to play that mode. That would be a ton of work to create to give everyone for free. Lol

  36. CXC5 says:

    Yeah I kinda saw it as an additional download (almost its own game within a game) kinda how GTA adds new heists. You can slowly break ourt pieces to I. Almd like chapters but yeah it legit could even be its own game. But no it'll never happen but imagining it is almost as fun (almost!)

  37. CXC5 says:

    Send me your YouTube page lol

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