1. Back when sugar came in loaves, people would break or cut lumps off if it, or sometimes it was pre cut up into cubes. So when people served tea, they would often ask, (at least in popular culture) "one lump or two?" It just occurred to me that since sugar was so expensive back then, it may have been a sort of polite way to direct someone away from asking for more.

  2. Well since they are curved, can you put them all together to see how wide the circumference could be on the item they perhaps are intended to be affixed to? Also perhaps include a picture?

  3. This is als what I was wondering what is the size of the curve maybe it will ring some bells when you see it how it (may have) been used.

  4. So i cant find the actual toy but i found the frame from the movie that this is based off of.

  5. What toy is this? Does anyone know the name or the name of the character? Super curious, wonder if she was made to coolnnect with accessories or what other outfits it comes with. Sometimes toys like that are separated so you can put them in a car or something maybe it's that.

  6. My best guess is the picture was actually taken through a window, probably from a car, and that light blue square is something inside the car reflected onto the inside of the window.

  7. To whomever photoshoooped this: higher resolution is your friend.

  8. I hope that wasn't a programmer that designed the sign.

  9. My thoughts went in this direction also, I would hate to imagine what kind of logic rats nest of code the person who made this sign would write.

  10. Designer: So I'm thinking, some of the letters should be replaced by animals, to really highlight the animal aspect of what you do

  11. Is that an alligator at the head of the sperm?

  12. Yeah I think having the whole thing inside a heart makes it read worse. Because at least if you see "I [GLASSES] nerds" or "I [CARROT] Rabbits" you think oh they've meant for me to replace the ICON with a heart a la the famous "i HEART NY" design that has become a part of modern design language. . But since the heart is already there in the background and this is not formatted in the same language as "I HEART NY" is, it 100% reads as "I Bone my dog" inside a hear. And things in hearts are shorthand for loving them, so it actually tells people "I Love to Bone my dog"

  13. Yes. It would be more accurate however with 4 others involved, two for each. Only then they'd be truly complete.

  14. I was thinking this, I can literally see missing pieces. don't try to bullshit me. "you complete me" ha you complete my ass, maybe.

  15. My college Library has no books in Braille but there's Braille on the sides of the shelves indicating the category/genre. I ask, why would a blind person even be there XD

  16. Yeah that might seem silly but might they have audio books or maybe the sight impaired person is getting a book to have someone read it to them or for a sighted person or so their phone will read it to them. Although all of these will still be pretty difficult because I assume basically none of the books will be labeled in braile themselves, but again a phone will read out the titles pretty decently.

  17. The post says it's not free even with purchase

  18. Considering the idea of a businesses name is to get recognized and drive business to the establishment, this feels like good design. I wonder how many people have shared an image or written an article about this place giving them free advertising.

  19. Why did you just let it go into the garbage though.

  20. I wonder if they are not early guide hooks for electrical wires or maybe even telegraph or telephone wires. Early telephone wires might make sense because in the system back then had separate wires specific for each house or party line(which would have multiple houses on it) they eventually switched to some sort of modulating system so they could use the same wires for transmitting multiple houses phones. I think that would also explain why ten might seem reversed? Maybe it was mounted on the opposite side of the pole or? This is just an educated guess, based on the fact that they look like wire guide hooks and are porcelain and so much of the stuff on telephone poles are porcelain or glass.

  21. 3 dots could be for wireless charging. My first thought was a dry ‘herb’ vape. Like a low end version of a pax.

  22. Put a cat in the walls on purpose? That's awful. I have heard of cats getting sealed up in walls by mistake. It must smell interesting in there.

  23. Yeah I just looked it up to refresh my memory and apparently they were put in (sometimes already dead) to protect against witchcraft and evil spirits. It seems to have been common starting in the 1600s but lasted to the early 1900s, it was common in both the US and Britain. I also see lots of stories about cats living in walls of houses, having kittens and stuff so cats definitely put themselves in walls as well.

  24. I’ve only ever heard that about shoes in the wall, not cats. I’d go and check your sources considering cats were considered occult back in the 1600’s

  25. I thought all the jeopardy ones were blue

  26. Possibly a boot scraper? We used to have one like this at my first school by the back door for when we'd been out in wellies on muddy days. You'd stand on the arm that sticks out with one foot and scrape your shoe on the raised bit (in this picture it's upside down).

  27. This is what I thought of as well when I saw it. This would be exactly the right size, they were used extensively during the time period, especially places where you might have stepped in horse manure, and would have been kept right outside of a door or a barn usually. They were often used and are sometimes sold as door stop boot scrapes The longer bottom part you would stand on and they are almost always made out of cast iron because it's better if they are nice and heavy. I have mostly seen modem or more decorative ones now a days and those ones are usually mounted or staked into the ground. I will see if I can find an example of one shaped like this and link it in future.

  28. oh man i am so excited to watch this love this show!

  29. yeah when i was a kid we had so many popsicle molds and a lot of them were just like this. the thick part was the handle and the "wheel" plugged into a container and was mainly there to keep the stem centered in the liquid so it froze properly around the stick .

  30. actually looking at photos of them maybe it was the thick part that the liquid was frozen around and my memory was playing tricks on me. Otherwise it would still work as described.

  31. oh man i would be excited to see that as well, i love how indignant everyone is that he could mistake renting for buying would love to see the entire thing!

  32. Respect for Tiffany saying it’s not hers when it is technically in her possession and she can play it.

  33. that seriously made me have more respect for Tiffany, it was honorable, it really looked like she wanted to play it to.

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