1. Yeah I guess it’s a no win situation. I don’t want to ticket people for being poor and cause them hardship, I just honestly think it’s super dangerous and am worried about them getting hurt.

  2. Call the police and make a complaint anyway. Make sure you tell them they're in the middle of the street/holding up traffic, etc.

  3. unless they amended them Halifax actually does have panhandling laws that says it's illegal to Panhandle most everywhere without a permit.

  4. Interesting, I wasn't aware of that. I was referring to sections of the Motor Vehicle Act that were brought in a number of years ago.

  5. They’re uni students. They’ll likely laugh or be polite, but won’t stop with their shenanigans.

  6. It wouldn't hurt to mention that this happens all the time.

  7. Indeed. CBC updated the title after I posted. I should have just added it anyway.


  9. You're allowed to publicly name him now, so the rest of us can delegitimize him.


  11. I could have swore that was the name of it back in the late 00s. I could be wrong :)

  12. FYI, the food inspection report site doesn't do permalinks so


  14. Am I reading this right? Did a guy named Ross Rhyno hire a guy named Randolph Kinghorn to defend him..?

  15. Unfortunately, no. HRM was the applicant.

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