1. Pre death Jesus is the most powerful human alive with hax abilities and decent constitution. Post death Jesus which rejoins the triad or whatever is outerversal if he possesses the same abilities god the father has.

  2. Yamcha negs this is ridiculous. What the fuck can Finn do to Yamcha after he scales to casual planet busters bar a few scenario where Finn has a op magical item and ambushes Yamcha before he can react.

  3. O-Ren should take every round. She is leader of the Yakuza and was one of the top assassins in the kill bill verse. Anton is a competent gun for hire and ruthless but he shouldn’t be too much trouble considering this scenario leaves out any chance he can use ambush tactics or try to blitz her before she can react.

  4. If Anton had sufficient prep and could catch her when she was unaware, do you think he would have a better chance?

  5. Absolutely. A lot more close then, I’d give it to Anton depending on what equipment he has, the location and how prepared O-Ren is at that moment. She is at a natural disadvantage after all and even if she’s an S tier assassin, 1 pump from a shotgun can red paste her like any normal person.

  6. R1 If we are going by MHA rules then doesn’t this mean Stain is just a normal guy with normal durability? Added durability to characters in MHA usually comes from their quirk as well as any superhuman strength or speed. I’d give it to Paindao in R1 simply because he seems to be able to hold his own against multiple opponents during Sozins comet and is a master of the white lotus which has got to imply he’s on par with strong benders in the ATLA universe.

  7. I forgot most of early mark but would say around Spider-Man level. But post Thragg fight I think he would be above Thanos level.

  8. Sounds like Muscle Man would be bloodlusted like when he tried to kill Thomas which means his AP should completely outclass Peters by a mile even with the suit. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Regular Show so I can’t remember if Muscle man has any good showings but he seems like he has decent enough anti feats to say that MCU Spider-Man has better durability and speed. It really all comes down to how much more durable and fast Peter is compared to Muscle man. I think if Mitch got one hit in, it might be game over but Spider-Man can probably 7/10 it if he has better durability and speed.

  9. ...Who were then trained by the Byzantines and were supplied with decent equipment? This is just 100 Vikings.

  10. I was responding to your comment, not the scenario. Cool.

  11. What happens when Raditz goes Ozaru and has a power level of Saiyan saga Vegeta?

  12. Only way that is happening is if he ambushes him or does it while he’s fighting him in his base because he’s not touching him with that speed gap.

  13. I’m presuming you’re looking for more humorous answers by posting this?

  14. The grand armee wouldn’t even see their opponent before getting shelled to oblivion

  15. Going off of Avatar lore, yes. Going off of other verses lore probably differs verse to verse.

  16. Most benders would probably sit at the bottom of s tier or pinnacle of a tier. They arent fast enough to be whatever the number 1 a rank guy is, but their destructive power is definitely there. Their rankings are only if we completely ignore whatever his name is. In the actually manga/anime theyd be a tiers right under the guy. The non benders are probably bottom to mid b tier.

  17. Aang and Korra should be well above all of the other benders here in their peaks because they can manipulate 4 elements, even if it wouldn’t change your overall placement.

  18. Eggcellent but why is there a TLA Zaheer respect thread?

  19. Nazis bad and do not deserve to be free men let alone SUCCESSFUL ones.

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