Jeffrey Dahmer is NOT a horror icon

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  1. you can't plant some trees within 20 years of each other, it's like the 5 second rule

  2. Rewatching the wire and holy shit is Bunk such a good drunk actor same with McNulty. Like their acting makes Mr feel sick cause I've known I've looked/talked /felt exactly like that before.

  3. Also on a Wire rewatch. If we wanted to extend this to best high-acting: Andre Royo as Bubbles has gotta come up

  4. I like both. The digipacks lend to the "library" feel of the collection and are just aesthetically pleasing, the standard packages are sturdy and easier to handle

  5. As someone from Mass it blows my mind that Rhode Island is perceived as forgettable by the rest of the country. Rhode Island is small but packs a punch

  6. Providence is my weekend vacation of choice

  7. pretty much everyone i find hot has crazy eyes tbh and maybe that should concern me

  8. She really wasn't, but because Gabler is a meme and adored on this sub, people are portraying Elie as a villain. He acted like a total douchebag throwing his entire tribe under the bus and potentially ruining their games, that's an antagonist to me.

  9. I mean, everyone has their own favs and least favs but in terms of the intention of the edit I think Elie was absolutely one of the premerge + merge ep antagonists, probably the main one

  10. A god that will punish an innocent baby with an eternity of torture does not deserve my respect.

  11. Further, a God that would punish anyone or anything with eternal torture doesn't deserve my respect. If an all perfect being isn't even as forgiving as me, how fucking perfect could it be?

  12. While I wouldn't say top tier, I absolutely agree that it's underrated. Upper-mid for me

  13. My dumb ass wondering when a Trevor played

  14. Trevor from GTA 5 always reminds me of Shane

  15. Father has been part of this for 4-5 years as well. There is no reasoning with him. It's indescribably frustrating that my willingness to entertain a con-artists lies are what stand between spending time with my father and almost no communication. It's all he talks about. It's all he thinks about.

  16. Mechanics like KIP and Shot in the Dark are not appreciated enough for how they affect the gameplay for everyone else simply by existing, whether or not they are correctly played.

  17. Glad someone else feels the same way. I don't think they're great advantages in terms of actually being great advantages, but they present obstacles to the traditional Survivor playstyle and that makes the game more entertaining for me

  18. Don't forget the part in The Straight Story where Richard Farnsworth asks "what is this? some kind of STRAIGHT STORY?!"

  19. In addition to Owen’s “A win is a win”, other “an X is an X” survivor phrases

  20. My mother's three favorite seasons are Cagayan, Redemption Island, and Caramoan

  21. I have an easier time lumping in Noura than Elie.

  22. I'd lump in Noura with Coach or Debbie before Tori and Angelina.

  23. It's really up to you to decide if they're worth the cost. I personally own nearly every season, and they come with supplements like interviews and ponderosa clips. The very early seasons come with entire discs for special features (I think just Borneo, AU, and AllStars) if you're interested in that

  24. There is a huge difference between watching a fictional character kill another fictional character in a creative way thought up by horror writers, versus watching an actor dutifully recreate some of the most horrific murders ever recorded. It's clearly exploitative. Watching true crime in general makes me feel gross (weird coming from a horror fan, I know) but this is on a completely different level than the normal documentary-style accompanied with vague reenactments.

  25. I've caught flack in real life for feeling this way, but I also can't do true crime despite being a horror fan. Maybe really well made documentaries with explicit consent and even participation from family members, but never these random podcasts/tv recreations of immensely personal traumatic events.

  26. Can I get in on this too... you've got me curious lmao

  27. Salo is not as graphic or disgusting as something like Cannibal Holocaust. It's a beautiful movie that every cinephile should see at some point in their lives.

  28. I think I'm going to check it out sooner rather than later, thank you!

  29. Not really, I saw it at a cinema and got over it after a few days. It's pretty unrelenting, most of the film is portrayals of sexual violence, but it's more pointed and has a lot more to say than the other films you mentioned. The film, at least in part, is an exploration of the psychology of the regime that Pasolini lived through, it's worth it if you watch with that in mind instead of just any otherwise shocking or extreme film (not that there's anything wrong with those as such). For what it's worth, I found Funny Games more affecting.

  30. Funny Games was a tough watch going in blind but I've rewatched it multiple times. Sounds like I'll be OK with Salo

  31. Memories of Murder is always a fall rewatch for me

  32. Generally I always watch any movie for the first time alone, then If I like it I'll show it to people I think would enjoy it.

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