2022 NBA Draft : #49 - Isaiah Mobley

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  1. He did, just a year later which the fact that there’s a chance Kessler can do that for Watson is enough to get the league to compromise

  2. That would completely undermine the CBA, and cause a huge legal issue regarding the labor agreement. Potentially could completely unwind/nullify it.

  3. I say that because the league/Goodell can also appeal a shorter suspension and Goodell is who appeals go to

  4. We might get the perfect storm

  5. Friday around 4:30 before a long/holiday weekend where people will be away from their phones more than normal… just coincidence

  6. Ya pretty much us since we were rumored to be interested in DW

  7. Generally I’ve said we need one more year before making big splashes but, what if Steve and the new HC want to push for a wildcard spot next year or at the very least be on that bubble

  8. Would Zadina be part of the Palat pick up? Feels lime it could be a cap move for Tampa that way

  9. Passer rating isn’t a great indicator of actual success (and I mean success on a play by play execution basis, not on a wins basis) at the QB position.

  10. Passer rating is an easy stat to get a baseline on overall performance and in this case the jump in passer rating is large enough to mention

  11. It’s a stat that’s very easily influenced by relatively insignificant aspects of playing the QB position. It’s decent for a very rough look, sure, but I wouldn’t rely on it for comparisons even with a 20 point gap.

  12. Any baseline improvement stat(s) for a change at QB that is comparable to upgrading from Nick Foles to Mahomes is not insignificant

  13. Have to think this signals Cossa is staying in the WHL

  14. I could see this. Does that mean Pickard is the NHL backup? Or is he finally moving on?

  15. He is a UFA as far as I know, I don't see him being the backup because he has been less than spectacular any time he has had to be in the league for an extended period of time

  16. Who keeps putting these leaks out? It feels like they are trying to will it happen

  17. My guess is the NFL wants it known they pushed for a year or more so when the arbiter recommends 8 games the league can say they tried to make an example of him and people should be pissed at Sue Robinson and not the league itself

  18. Because it’s in the best interest of the NFL, NFLPA and Watson to get this over with as soon as possible.

  19. The average height of our small ball lineup is now 6'10"

  20. Proceeded to be traded for a 7th round pick that was 2 years away

  21. Ya all the leaks said the league was pushing for unprecedented suspension not Sue Robinson, so the complete opposite of what Lima is saying

  22. Probably 8 and Browns have a week 9 bye so the initial shock of him returning passes because we aren't going to be playing a game

  23. The league, the PA and Watson's camp will come to an agreement, the league will take less than a year because they don't want to risk an appeal or an injunction that puts him on the field week 1

  24. A reddit post of a twitter post of an instagram post, we need to keep going.

  25. Someone screenshot this thread and share it in a browns Facebook group

  26. I love Joe, Joe loved Cleveland and embraced the city it’s the right thing to do, have him be CB4/5 and Joe Thomas as TE3

  27. Imagine a 1 and we don't have to pay any of his salary because it's currently 6:53 and I'm already on my 3rd Mai Tai

  28. Imagine it’s 2-1s because it’s 6:55 and I just watched the series finale of kenobi

  29. Did you learn any of that force stuff that you could use to help ?


  31. Something I thought about when seeing Fedorov in the teams video for Seider. Could be just wishful thinking, but I think him being in that video is a teaser. I just don't really see why he would be in that video just to support Seider, I find it very rare for the organization to show Fedorov or promote him. Again could be wishful thinking as Fedorov is my all time favorite player, but it could be an indication that the relationship has improved, and maybe a teaser that his Jersey is going to be retired?

  32. Based on the video we have to assume Sergei is the HC and the Dominator is the Goalie Coach

  33. You guys remember that one time when Moritz Seider won the Calder effing trophy in a landslide? Yeah, me, too.

  34. Mo beat him so badly that in 11 states and 2 provinces it's considered elderly abuse

  35. The award isn’t for most impressive rookie, it’s for most proficient rookie.

  36. Which was Seider by a long shot and the votes confirmed that

  37. Dude this is the 4th or 5th time in the last 6 weeks you posted your content we told you to stop plugging your channel

  38. So what % of the $230M guaranteed does everyone think he had to give up?

  39. Local radio host (so take with grain of salt) said they heard the rumor for these 20 were 150k each so 3M

  40. So is it more likely the 4 that haven't settled are the weakest suits, or the strongest ones?

  41. Sounds like they are the strongest or at least include the most notable suit that being the one from Ashley Solis the 1st woman that spoke out

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