1. A guy drafted to be a franchise QB and playing like a back up QB

  2. Sounds like excuses. At least Baker was hurt last year. This dude has started in the league before and is the starter now.

  3. Oh I want Jacoby to make those throws and win, but I also know the only reason he’s starting is because of the suspension for Watson


  5. As long as our secondary holds, we're good. Mariota isn't that good.

  6. Mariota isn't good but 2-6'5" freaks in London and Pitts who have insane catch radii are a problem, Mariota just has to get it near them for those guys to make a play, that's a tough matchup for any secondary

  7. No Pass rush or edge containment vs the run... need the LBs and DBs to have a day

  8. Man Stevie and Lalonde look like they are going to have some hard conversations about this roster. Personally hope the roster construction is different than past years. I think this team has enough skill and size that we don’t need a 4th line for strictly the energy/checking role. Personally don’t think berggren and veleno have anything left to prove in GR.

  9. It’s about time we have those tough decisions, no more corpse of Nielsen and Fil playing in top 6 regularly

  10. Oh for sure it’s nice not debating whether shit player A should be on the team over shit player B. Fascinated to see the philosophy of the roster construction. I personally hope they just go best players and not best for a role.

  11. It’s tough for me but would it serve guys like Berggren and Soderblom better to be 1st line in GR with regular PP/PK time vs 9 minutes a night on the 4th line in Detroit

  12. Razor going scorched earth this year and I’m here for it

  13. I cannot get stream to work. It just shows animation and buzzing sound.

  14. Im ready to see a tweet that we scored and all the replies being “cool I wish I could’ve watched it”

  15. I don't root for either team, if a guy can't walk straight after his head bounces off the turf he shouldn't come back to the game period, I'd hope you would have some level of common sense to realize you do not need a medical degree to have an opinion

  16. We didn't really lose subs when we traded for Watson we were always around 130-131k when we traded for him, any lost subs were immediately offset by new ones (actually we were a net positive in terms of users from the trade), the first time this sub hit 135k was july/august then we took off mid august until now due to us becoming a recommended sub for new users. When someone makes a new account and says they are interested in football we, along with a few other teams pop up as suggested places to join and are given a select/join all option, that's where the explosion of growth is from.

  17. Thank you for sharing this. Advanced stats on the subs growth are a lot cooler than I thought they would be lol

  18. Ya we have the standard charts and graphs for our stats, at first we had a few days of 400-600 new subs and we thought ok that's probably some of the "swore off the browns I'm done crowd" coming back right before the pre-season.... then we just had day after day of 800-1100 some days upwards of 1400 new subs... So we had to do some digging and it turns out we just got picked as one of the "featured" subs by reddit for people interested in football.

  19. How much? I think we all knew it was going up, but not that it was a considerable margin

  20. Small jump next year then an estimated 4M jump heading into 24-25 then consistent growth after that

  21. can watch the bengals fall to 1-3 tonight and then three sweet sleeps before an anxiety inducing sunday afternoon

  22. Dolphins coming off a short week (as is cincy) after playing in triple digit heat, humidity and their defense was on the field for almost 100 snaps, if there's ever a game for the dolphins to come out flat, especially on D, it's tonight.

  23. Hope last night was just nerves for Edvinsson, want to see less mental mistakes (over skating puck, icing it on the PP) the next time he plays.

  24. I agree that was a bad play by Mo but that’s more so the exception not the rule with him. He’s damn near an elite Dman in the NHL heading into year 2 and is on some Norris Trophy watch lists. I can let that slide for Seider because we know he’s not going to make that mistake often.

  25. Other WRs will produce as our offense incorporates more vertical concepts when Watson returns

  26. Ed is showing flashes, obviously this is his first game, but based on tonight a year in GR to iron out some things seems like the smart play

  27. Soderblom just gets pucks around the net that’s a very good sign

  28. God…when he was on, he was unstoppable. So many first 1/3 or 1/2 seasons with him top 10 in the league or better. Just never had a ton of support in the later years.

  29. He was coming into his own right after we lost that series to Chicago that signaled the end of our window (IMO) the team never got back to that level but Jimmy was flat out dominate at times between 2011 and 2015

  30. Love Jimmy, felt like he hit his prime right as our window was closing, wish the team went on a few more runs when he was playing at that all star level

  31. This dude is going to be in our top 3 for the prospect rankings next year

  32. I am struggling to not read too much into this

  33. In the time I was typing this out the red wigs took and killed off another penalty

  34. The baby wings held the pens top PP unit to 0/9

  35. Just give them the 9th PP so we can get it over with

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