1. precious, we are going down.will you suck my penis?lol

  2. Precious, do you wanna see it one more time before we crash into the pacific? lol rose @};-

  3. Michigan might be able to get more NIL money from boosters than Ohio State. They’re probably one of the few programs that could outspend Ohio State

  4. I’d throw Texas A&M and USC both in there too.

  5. “Why do I look like Stanley and Chuck fused together?”

  6. Probably when he says Kayla’s dad can’t be in the operating room because only he can see Miss Vagina. Implying that her dad hasn’t changed her diapers when she was a baby. Dumb sick fuck who needs to be arrested and executed

  7. A close second imo is when he asks Kayla to hold his penis while he is sick so he can pee. Ultimate WTF moment.

  8. In one of the decoy calls (the infamous “what color panties and brahhhh?” call), he says “You’re gonna wear white until you see me aren’t ya?” He’s so disturbed, he was excited to think Kayla would only wear white like a bride would. He was equating them meeting/having sex for the first time with a wedding and honeymoon.

  9. Not to mention he says when she gets to his apartment she gets to play with Bud for 5 minutes and then has to get naked the rest of the time

  10. Surprised they didn’t catch this guy in the sting

  11. Also not thrifting Per se but uptown cheapskate usually has some decent details on pre-owned clothing

  12. Thank you! Sorry, any cheap clothes place works, secondhand or not. I didn’t know a good word to describe it rather than thrifting tho lol

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