1. Sliced cucumber with cinnamon and monk fruit sweetener.

  2. Please go to the dr for diagnosis. Don’t rely on this thread for that.

  3. Lyrica didn’t help with the pain much but what it DID do was made me turn into a complete walking zombie. I was so out of it all of the time I couldn’t make good/safe decisions. I would literally stare into blank space. I started gaining weight which was even worse on my already achy joints. Would never go on the stuff again. Meds were just a bandaid and I’ve been able to maintain a relatively comfortable living by making lifestyle changes. I have small flare ups here and there but nothing like before.

  4. I climbed Pulpit rock in freezing, pouring down rain. Literally waterfalls coming down the mountain. The scenery is worth it though

  5. Didn’t do it on purpose. We had a limited time there and our other days were filled with other things so it was the only day available. Climb started off fine and then the downpour came. Didn’t stop hundreds of other people from reaching the top.

  6. This is the only one I get. Walden Farms is crappy compared to this one!

  7. I had the same issue but let me tell you that going to a chiropractor helped me significantly!

  8. Took it and the side effects really messed me up. I was literally like a zombie 24/7. Staring off into deep space, not happy, and really just barely numbed the pain. Made me super depressed

  9. Cocoa powder with water/sugar free syrup, and Sweetner. Put the mixture in some molds and you have chocolate

  10. Do you have the recipe for the mug cake? Looks delish

  11. Yup! Went through the same thing until I went on Nifedipine. Helped me significantly!

  12. https://www.instagram.com/reel/ChIxH2CDvn0/?igshid=MWI4MTIyMDE=

  13. I don’t have Instagram any longerso can you post the recipe here pretty please??

  14. For me it was just so toxic and mentally I had to clear out all of that nonsense from my life.

  15. When I was little, my mother would open up the capsule and sprinkle the medicine into a spoonful of Bosco chocolate syrup. One day we were out of Bosco, so she used strawberry preserves. It went down--and came right back up. I've never been able to eat strawberry preserves since then. (But I still love chocolate syrup!)

  16. Oh gosh that sound horrid! That happened to me with mint chocolate protein flavored protein powder. I can’t eat ANYTHING that’s chocolate mint anymore!

  17. Lol only ever tried one once and it didn’t excite me so it’s otay 😉

  18. It was an online breeder! I've never been to a show to see them, I lucked out big time with this girl she's a total sweetheart

  19. Do you mind if I ask the breeders name if you remember? If not no worries but you seriously got a gem here! ❤️

  20. It was Skinny Legs Tarantulas in the UK, sadly they don't operate their business anymore but they were my favourite online breeders!

  21. Well they did a marvelous job breeding with gorgeous results. Enjoy her!

  22. I have severe Raynauds I’m on medication for so the cold tears my body up!!

  23. If you’re able to find a GBB, they are great starters as well

  24. Causes my IBS and fibromyalgia to flare BIG TIME!

  25. Don’t use the amount of detergent they tell you to. Always use less. Helps the quality of your clothes and also saves money! Hang clothes to dry too

  26. Was the chips ahoy part of the haul too? Lol 😂

  27. Is she one you’re able to handle at all?

  28. Chiro is one thing that has helped me significantly! Adjustments loosen me up so much to where I can move more freely and don’t feel so stiff. Just make sure to voice your concerns beforehand.

  29. I always do some type of stretching while sitting. Look online to find some examples. I also have a memory foam pad that I can sit on or place behind my back and neck.

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