1. pixiv requires login to view your images - if you rehost them on imgur instead, the rest of us can view them

  2. You'll need to investigate 2 things

  3. Open the Settings menu. Go to Cellular or Settings > Mobile Data.

  4. sorry i didnt word this very well. spotify has been off for data but my phone is still using alot of data. its saying its reddit but i dont use reddit unless im on wifi. my phone is never on during 10pm till 3-4pm but this is when its using the most data. background app refresh is also off

  5. Remove the official app and put on another one - i'm guessing the app is refreshing ads or something

  6. wow I saw this & thought someone was spamming the sub with real pics & just advertising their OnlyFans.. amazing.

  7. ditto - i checked their profile to make sure

  8. damn! the details on the skin are on point! what model did you use? mad props dude

  9. Vellus hairs, minor blemishes, dimples, indentations, goosebumps, asymmetric labial folds, stray pubic hairs, temporary marks from tight clothing and/or pressure marks.

  10. As well as supporting tens of thousands of jobs, the project will connect regions across the UK, improve capacity on our railways and provide a greener option of travel.

  11. At least that's what the original brochure said

  12. I will to catch it next time it happens but the exact timing is pretty hard to predict and the screen disappears really fast.

  13. Use the BlueScreenView utility from Nirsoft - it can analyse past BSOD events and give the error message.

  14. This is not a solution to your current problem.

  15. Their link to finances should be the least questionable thing people are dropping support for

  16. Just to be clear - the A1 is an older tank that won't stand up 1:1 against the later Russian tanks - that's what the A2 and the Abrams will do.

  17. Be sure to take in out the Crownabout

  18. If you want more scifi in a similar vein, try the

  19. Are there any other Asher books in the Polity series that form a story arc? Ive been considering giving them a read but honestly I would prefer a less ‘Zakalwe-like’ lead character. A Gurgeh (Player of Games) or a Lededje (Surface Detail) type protagonist, or honestly a whole host of other character archetypes would be more fun for me as an introduction, cold calculating violent types kinda end up with me feeling numb while reading.

  20. The Takeshi Kovacs novels are Zakalwe cranked up to maximum amorality

  21. ive updated my drivers since this problem started and theyve still continued

  22. Part of the linux test desribed in the guide involves a linux based ssd test using gsmartcontrol - it's like Crystal Disk Info or HDInfo for Lin ux. And since it's running from memory, the ssd can be accessed without the OS getting in the way

  23. Another thing - older drives especially made use of a lubricant in the spindle bearing.

  24. Poor choice of words I assume. He probably meant criminal, as well as corporate 'money laundering.'

  25. The wiki has some very good guides in it.


  27. Have you done the same troubleshooting and reinstalling steps for the Bluetooth portion of Windows 10?

  28. damaged screen, loose or damaged HDMI/DP cable.

  29. Thanks a lot. I just need to find my local service centre.

  30. Plug the laptop into the TV/monitor with a HDMI cable and test. If it's faulty there, it's not a LCD panel/displayribbon issue.

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