1. Sheesh. I had no idea the UK pay their teachers so poorly. Here in America teachers make on average 65k.. plus benefits. Not too bad. Could definitely be more but most seem to do pretty well. On Long Island I know some school teachers make over 150k pretty easy.

  2. I guess that makes sense. 65k seems like a great salary in the Midwest

  3. Nah, they're not lying. I'm from there too. Most cops there were chill. It's a pretty dangerous city and they knew they needed the support of the people. Vallejo has a really tight knit community despite its crime rate and defends the good cops we do have.

  4. R/conservative is going nuts over this story. They are calling it the biggest political scandal in decades.

  5. Took me a couple years of arguing with them but I've finally come to the conclusion that dumb people simply don't recognize that they're dumb.

  6. Was this like a bit he was doing? Is he realy this poorly educated? Can he like, barely fucking read for real?

  7. Yea let me go to an important meeting with my CEO wearing a dollar store plastic kids watch.

  8. Question: What else would you call a person that praises Hitler, denies the Holocaust, and says antisemitic stuff?

  9. Well I’ll just have to disagree with you friend. I had a very fruitful discussion with someone who didn’t see eye to eye with me and by the end of the discussion we found that we aligned a lot more closely than we initially thought.

  10. It’s think it’s pretty clear that it doesn’t. It’s also pretty clear that I’ve already finished my conversation. So with respect, take it easy homie. Try not to be so passive aggressive it makes you seem less intelligent than I’m sure you are.

  11. UPS is not part of the capitalist system? Their drivers get paid significantly more. Your employer's are just greedier hence people need to quit en masse until they pay a suitable wage.

  12. You think society will collapse if ride sharing apps go out of business? Maybe well just all live like we did 15 years ago lmao.

  13. Guess they wanted to be like Bernie Sanders I guess. Ask them, I guess.

  14. Bruh in not defending anyone. Go cry in politics with ur partisan shit. If you think only one party is baught by forign countries then ur an idiot.

  15. I have walked to the manager plenty of times that he/she should his/her people a normal wage rather than them having to rely on tips.

  16. The stupid system will only change if people DO go to those places but STOP tipping. I am fine if people get upset. That is only how it will change.

  17. Trump is a product of NYC in the late 70’s early 80s. His love of disco, his dancing all came from his STUDIO 54 days (yup), and his attitude is punk rock which was born and popularized in late 70’s NYC, CBGB club int he Bowery. Trump totally missed the point of punk rock ideals, but he has assimilated the nihilism and reckless slam of punk for his own purposes. Add the whole “greed is good” ethos of Gordon Gekko of the early 80s and voila, Trump.

  18. The media, the NBA, Disney and Hollywood have money to make off China. Can’t be bothered with true humanitarian and human rights issues that might hurt their bank accounts.

  19. That joke was lame as ahit in 2010, and twelve years hasn't magically made it funny.

  20. Most of the walking recessive gene bags that throw rocks at, pulled knives on, and spit on this wrestler absolutely do.

  21. Going on the fact that we refill these by killing Dung Beetles.....probably shite.

  22. The duality begins earlier. Why are we men playing online card games 😅

  23. And as I said he should be punished for defamation of private citizens. Did he actually incite violence? I have never seen a clip of him doing that but I'm no Alex Jones viewer so I might have just missed it.

  24. Alex Jones is a massive douchebag but he didn't hound anyone by sending them death threats. Some insane listeners he has did this.

  25. "sata port on the drive must be loose/damaged, these things don't normally become undone, we should probably replace it."

  26. First thing I would think is, "..these things don't normally become undone, this is probably a set up."

  27. Malcolm Gladwell's book, Talking to Strangers, suggests that humans overwhelmingly fail to notice setups, in favor of "defaulting to truth".

  28. Not huge Gladwell fan. He is fairly tone deaf and thinks everything is a math problem; it's not.

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