People who don't want to work, why?

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  1. Sorry, I couldn't understand that, could you please explain?

  2. if you hear a voice say to steal something or to kill someone, then it is obviously not from God

  3. Don't know of any particular scandals at the moment, but the big things are his books are produced cheaply and given out by parishes for free, but they are super fluffy and self-helpy (nearly no substance). He is also behind Decision Point, which is a corny weird and fluffy Confirmation program, which is common en los Estados Unidos. There is also some potential shadiness with his for profit business somehow benefiting from his Dynamic Catholic non-profit, but I don't know enough to comment.

  4. Yeah... Honestly I don't even get how you could lose more than 100%, but I did it. I'm guessing it's the original 100% I had on the account plus an additional 100% I made on top of that?

  5. I thought losing more than 100% mean you used margin?

  6. If your balance is negative 1M, that's your problem. If your balance is negative 1B, that's the bank problem

  7. I click so fast when I see a "low" number. I love watching people get angry =D

  8. My idea is that if I sold everything I have in ARKK and put it into an index fund for say 5 years, I don't think it would have as good of return as ARKK will have over that same point.

  9. Disagree. Key word is he "thinks" ARKK will do better over that time and he understands that it's just a thought. So he's satisfied with his elevated risk/reward position and doesn't want to increase or decrease it.

  10. He should ask himself, if he didn't have those stocks in his portfolio, but the cash equivalent amount, how much cash would he use to buy those stocks? - And that would be the amount he should keep in those stocks.

  11. For art you need a paper and pencil/pen. Both are cheap and frequently free. For cooking. Start with cheap easy meals and work up to expensive stuff. In the end it'll be cheaper than eating out.

  12. Exactly! It only become expensive if you want to become really advanced at it.

  13. yep. you can get a used pot from goodwill/charity shop/ikea for cheap and make a billion things with a box of pasta, a jar of sauce, and a few veggies or some meat.

  14. There is a bunch of organizations that do them and you have to answer a questionnaire to qualify and be willing to provide your SS for payment processing.

  15. How do you find legit secret shopper opportunities?

  16. 2022 to 2026 are the yrs to inverse reddit

  17. I work at an Amazon Merch warehouse folding t shirts. 20 hrs/ wk at almost 22/hr.

  18. Don't need time how many shirts you have to fold per minute? Amazon sound like an awful company to work for regardless of position.

  19. I’m working at a library part time. I’ll probably have to go back to full-time-something since my wife can’t seem to wrap her mind around the reduced spending necessary to maintain leanFIRE.

  20. What do you do at the library? And do you need any qualification for the job? Being around book make me happy 🙂

  21. Are you living alone or with roommates? I'm only single and I find that the only financial advantage young single people have is that we can share a house with 2 other people and keep expenses super low. Unfortunately, I cannot find anyone I want to be roommate with neither 😂

  22. Neither lol. I'm living at home with my parents and brother. The plan is to pay off my car, save for a down payment, buy a house, and get roommates.

  23. That's an advantage of being single. If you was a DINK, you would have had to pay for rent/mortgage, utilities, internet, food, etc, so it sound like you are actually better off being SINK

  24. /uj oh it is totally true that to some people, having too much money is a curse, they lost the ability to appreciate.

  25. Unless all of those posts are pours playing LARP

  26. I’m not sure why this is confusing. In my 20s, I forgot to roll over or track this account.

  27. Oh so you are in your 40s now. I thought you said you are 20s something now.

  28. This sub is looking a lot like povertyfinance lately

  29. Don't you think nobody will use those kind of app until the market reach all time high again which is....?

  30. The Tertiaries can get married. the promise of Chastity makes us only loyal to our partners(if married) or to live in a chaste life(if single or in a relationship). the promise of poverty is not like what the nuns profess. We are called by the promise of poverty to live in the most simple life possible.

  31. but aren't all good Catholic already live a Chastity life by that definition then? And all poor people already live a simple life by necessity. So basically if you are a good, poor Catholic, you are already living the same life as a third order person.

  32. So are you all in yet? What it look like now that you are all in?

  33. We need one last all in screen shot update!

  34. Yes, you can contact them on their website

  35. Abiquiu, NM. The church is actually 13 miles off road, so its location is very reclusive.

  36. But wages have not been keeping up with inflation!

  37. And sometimes, the “make your hobby a job” advice doesn’t work on everyone. Cos when it becomes a job, it’s a job. It’s no longer a hobby. Some people might still find joy despite the deadlines and expectations but some don’t.

  38. Also doesn't solve the problem of wanting to spend more time with their family and friends

  39. I want to work, but I only want work to be a small part of a very colorful and varied life. Instead, it’s required to work 40-60 hrs a week just to make ends meet and at the end of it, have no energy left to enjoy what little time you have outside of work.

  40. And the reason it requires 40-60 hrs a week even if you don't work overtime is because of commute time and time getting ready for work and all other stuff that you wouldn't do if you didn't have to work.

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