1. What’s the best way to redeem for Qatar airways flights for Canadians?

  2. Transfer Avios to Qatar Airways directly and redeem from there for lower YQ.

  3. good to see this but i have been telling family to go to small claims. my cta claim filed feb 2020 received a determination in oct 2022 and I had no ability to address the tribunal member or respond to the airlines comments

  4. The vast majority of people are too lazy or risk adverse to go small claims.

  5. lazy yes. shy yes. but since most small claims across canada cannot have costs awarded against you for losing the only gamble is the filing fee. for $1000-$2400 per ticket depending on the violation a few hours is worth it to some. many people are reporting on the facebook group that the airlines are tendering settlements more than when this all started post pandemic. unfortunately the airlines have been reported to have directives to claims staff to deny all claims and see what passengers have it in them to go another step.

  6. I am not disagreeing. I am just saying that the majority of people are far too lazy to even search up what the filing procedure for a small claim is. You are in a churning sub, you are in a minority of boldness in a sea of sheep.

  7. In case like that, you can pay for the towing service and ask for a reimbursement. See REIMBURSEMENT POLICY in the T&C:

  8. If you are within range of a Canadian Tire Service Centre, you will only get 34 dollars for a tow.

  9. It's different in the city and you are always welcome to call them to fake report a towing need in the city. $34 is the compensation for GVA.

  10. Nobody is bringing up the fact that the Air Miles is joining the metaverse to stay relevant?

  11. I don’t know why those reps lie to customers. It seems like they can just do it right away.

  12. The average rep has a week of training and 2 months of experience before they quit. CIBC is the worst since they totally outsource their firstline call centre operations.

  13. I’m not sure about that. I think most of the reps are Canadian. I am sure that most Scotia Phone reps are definitely foreign (the accent is so thick you can’t hear anything of substance)

  14. I didn't say they were outsourced out of Canada.

  15. Is there any way to generate an Apple Passbook/Wallet file version of an Air Canada boarding pass without iPhone? I don't have an iPhone, just an Android with PassAndroid app.

  16. I'm thinking of "investing" and getting the lifetime Premium license for FlightConnections. Does it get cheaper than getting it with the 60% OFF coupon, at $95.99 ?

  17. Some people on the subreddit just share the cost with others. I think it's worth it if you can split the cost 6 ways.

  18. Can you share the link of this subreddit? I would like to share, may be 10 ways :p

  19. It's because many European and Asian companies are not tech-focused. In the USA, tech companies hire data scientists because they have an actual need for them.

  20. I too agree that the United States is the centre of the world. /s

  21. If people start using credit cards less to avoid transaction fees, I can see the banks offering an even bigger incentive for obtaining and using their cards, so if anything this is good for churners.

  22. That's optimistic but lowered interchange fees and disincentives to use credit cards would reduce the long term profitability of any product.

  23. Apologies for the newbie questions. I've only churned points/miles in another country where credit score didn't matter as much and annual fees can be waived easily. When signing up for new cards here, do you worry about the hit to credit score because of hard checks? I applied for the Cobalt yesterday but I would like to get in on CIBC too.

  24. My cousin who's on disability payments needs to use my credit card for stupid shit like this. Some stores don't accept cash. There are many situations where she's very much need a credit card but the credit card companies won't approve you for one, not even a $500 card.

  25. Yes, but there are measures that exist for the unbanked. They have a right to a savings account and therefore a debit card. They have services such as PC Money, Koho, etc that exist exclusively for the unbanked.

  26. You can't use a debit card for the majority of online shopping. One example is Loblaws click and collect. She wasn't able to order it for pick up before I gave her my card. Now she uses it for Walmart pick up orders. I am not certain if Walmart has changed their policy for online payment.

  27. Visa Debit & Mastercard Debit have been in Canada for nearly a decade.

  28. I have a biochemistry degree, and a post grad fast tracked computer science degree

  29. A lot of immigrant parents are fine with going back to college after graduation, but a bachelor's degree is mandatory for them.

  30. I don't disagree, but you're not going to overcome the mentality of "I didn't work 20 years in a dead end job for my kids to end up in community college" with that logic.

  31. This is not the United States. I know you live in California but the world does not revolve around you.

  32. So who will be the Guinea pig for the TD FCT $100 credit benefit?

  33. Credit might be misleading. It's more of a coupon, no?

  34. MogoTrade had a real opportunity to compete with other no fee brokerages, but ended up being a meme in the process. They really couldn't let go of no forex fee trading and their exclusivity play with the wait-list made people nope out quick.

  35. When did that happen? As far as I can tell PS still good every 3 months per card

  36. Okay, please go ahead and do that, and report back with new DPs! :)

  37. I know. The pain in the a88 that is impeding my churning

  38. Asking the rep what bonus you’ll get is about as useful as asking a random person off the street

  39. With CIBC, the reps are able to tell you what bonus you'd get with a PS because it's treated as an upsell and displayed in their sales opportunity program.

  40. Very, very aggressive product switching and maintaining 4+ trade lines.

  41. I would have thought it was up to the banks to block abusers, not aeroplan.

  42. Aeroplan was pressured to enable coordination among the FIs.

  43. I am very lucky to have just gone back to school this September, so all of my legal fees are being covered by a legal insurance provision in my collective student insurance for health, vision, and dental. I do not know how much the lawyer has charged to the insurance.

  44. If you get the TD Aeroplan VIP, do you need to renew the card and pay a second AF to get the $12k spend anniversary bonus?

  45. I'm pretty happy with the results. First time voting in a municipal election (motivated by my dislike of Kendell. Thanks man!) and it was a cool experience.

  46. Yeah, right? First time I voted in a municipal election and it was just to keep Kendell getting onto council, dude is way too petty.

  47. You'd trash your credit report opening and closing accounts

  48. Here is email « I would like to confirm that the annual fee was clearly indicated at the time you applied for the card and is valid. I can confirm that RBC will not waive the fee for this card. Please also note that as per the terms of the application the welcome bonus is for new clients to Avion card and since you had have this type of card several times in the past we have removed the 35,000 point bonus. Please understand that RBC will not allow the opening of accounts simply for the fact of getting a points bonus and will not give it again. If having an Avion card is not the right travel card for you I would strongly recommend you close this account before it is used so that we can reverse the annual fee. »

  49. Was the CSR that sent this to you named Yannick?

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