A Ukranian soldier correctly guessed a Russian soldier was hiding behind a door

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  1. Its funny because there was a shitter in there.

  2. no ones buying 25 grams of wax for personal use. this entire case was bullshit and its really fucked up they did him like that, the man can't even legally own firearms anymore over fucking weed. BUT. he was for sure gonna sell that (and he should have been allowed to).

  3. I haven't read it yet, was the actually one of the reasoning the judge used??

  4. https://www.opinel-usa.com/products/opinel-carbon-blade-no8-raw-handle?_pos=5&_sid=b9f483a57&_ss=r

  5. How does this compare to the Waffle Mags? I could never get those smooth enough to feed

  6. Ukraine is the most corrupt country thats used by our own pedepete and ya'll are rooting for them. F*ck Ukraine. 🤷‍♂️

  7. The circle will truly be complete when the war ends and the Ukrainians sell the guns or at least the furniture back to gun owners in the US. For any Ukrainians reading this scribbling trench art onto the stocks now will increase the price.

  8. The joke is that it looks like a 3d printed machine gun and the ATF likes to shoot peoples dogs over that

  9. Only if they fuck up within accepted department rules. If they arrest me because I match the description of a subject, and it ruins my career and life, that's where they're protected. If they shoot out my car tires because they typed in and ran the wrong license plate because of negligence, they're fair game

  10. If they go to the wrong house, don't announce themselves and kill the homeowner they get qualified immunity, that was the whole inspiration for this meme. They can also tase a man covered in gasoline and burn him to death and get QI.

  11. I felt out the mossberg. It felt flimsy and it was very shiny. I don't like gloss

  12. Spray paint. The rattle of a mossberg means its less likely to jam because its looser.

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