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  1. This is a rule of law society. If the defendant's constitutional rights were violated such that he was entitled to a new trial, then he was entitled to a new trial. Furthermore. It was a case before de Fino Nastasi. They didn't have to agree to relief if they did not believe the defendant was so entitled.

  2. He is entitled to a new trial... That's not what happened here.

  3. Uhhg, reading the quotes... the DA office is so cold. Pattern of not speaking to the family of victims. To double down too... sickening. Literally no remorse.

  4. "Brady and his coworkers are currently negotiating their first union contract. Their demands include increased administrative time for paperwork and charting, improved benefits, and a greater voice in the clinical decision-making process at their workplaces. The providers who spoke to Jacobin drew clear connections between their fight for a more democratic workplace and their devotion to providing quality care for their patients."

  5. You're in the top 10% of earners in the US, so no you dont have the worst job in medicine.

  6. "I make twice as much as you and you make plenty"

  7. Exactly. I wonder how US physicians would survive if they were paid similar to the vast majority of other OECD countries.

  8. Probably wouldn't complain as much if we had the same debt, liability, and administrative burden as others.

  9. The German idiom for that is "the only reasons to not do a DRE is if the patient has no butt or you don't have any fingers."

  10. Please. To all the newbies who don’t want to do a DRE on the little old man or woman in the ED with altered Mental Status, for the love of all that is holy, DO IT.

  11. Or they're in they're ER for a isolated wrist injury.

  12. Democrats currently control the house, senate, and presidency.

  13. Cute coming from psychiatry. "Omg patients BP is 155 systolic. Their head is going to explode. Can't you do something about that. Waaaaaaaaaaaa."

  14. Shouldn't you admit them for serial trops? What did cards say? How do we know it's not hypertensive emergency?

  15. I think they want your actual personal mobile phone number at this point.

  16. Hospital doesn't pay my phone bill, so I don't use it for work.

  17. With all the fucking buttons I have to click to prescribe 5 percocet for the 68 year old with a humerus shaft fracture, I'm surprised this is an issue... but also completely expect it. Multiple password entry, 2 factor Auth, biometrics... it's fucking nuts.

  18. I'd say 60% of the scans I order is so medicine doesn't try to turf my admission.

  19. As it should... that's comedically excessive

  20. Just wait until Biden restarts student loan repayments in a couple months...

  21. Can't let Biden do something that would make people vote for him!!! I don't get that argument... isn't that the whole purpose of politics and getting elected?

  22. Actually, Biden is ending Trumps loan forbearance on January 1... this is going to hurt tens of millions of borrowers. I don't think his policies regarding loans are gonna get him votes

  23. Are those bullet casings or hotdogs buns? Holy shit

  24. I graduated undergrad and couldn't get a job, so I went to medical school. Now my fields job market is collapsing.

  25. In what way is it collapsing? And what's your specialty?

  26. Emergency Medicine. Huge pay cuts over the last couple years.

  27. Thank you so much for the reply. Its sad that many out there can’t even do the basics correctly. Ive only had to consult maybe 3 or 4 specialist in my career, other than for appys and choles. The most recent was for a cauliflower ear that kept refilling after being drained. ENT doc was a saint and provided me with a great suggestion that fixed it. It’s good to know that I’ve been taught right, not that I ever had a doubt because my supervising physicians are amazing. I also use the EMRA ortho guide as a reference for which splint to use. Do you recommend that or is there a better reference guide you would suggest?

  28. EMRA guide heavily suggests "consult ortho" when I personally don't think it's needed

  29. That’s very true. I mostly just use it for what splint to use for what fractures. I take the consult ortho as stabilize and follow up outpatient. I honestly try not to bother ortho unless it’s going to be emergent or surgical. Last time I consulted ortho it was for a high pressure injury to the finger. Looked like the kid got shot in the finger by a 22.

  30. I think it's institution dependent. I reach out if I think it'll need operative management and if the surgeon just wants to get it done right away. It's more of a courtesy to them because I work in a rural setting, and OR isn't always available. I don't do it at 3am if i don't think it's necessary.

  31. I'm glad you're asking for help but this basic math.

  32. We need the ability to report certain patients with a certain status to help fast track these patients.

  33. Or like, if their doctor says they need something, the insurance company has to provide it.

  34. I was going to say a dumber version of this.

  35. Does anyone want to tell the idiot in the third top comment who is cosplaying being a dual-boarded MD of immunology and EM that we don’t irrigate with chloroform or suture grossly infected wounds?

  36. What a tool. Crazy how many people believed him

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