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  1. Zyzz started out meaning well, but his dickhead fanboys ruined anything of him so now he’s thought of as a cunt except to the idiot fanboys who think they can treat women like shit.

  2. I’d be happy if I could play to that standard (44 here). You are well above average, would sit (assume you do normally) in champs still shitting on most people.

  3. Probably like 35 reasonably sized house cats

  4. This is how zero build should be. Stand still and you are dead.

  5. Nope, you get people who train and people who need to do something specific with 1 piece of equipment and give themselves special names lol

  6. As an aside, it’s funny how Kabam’s only method of stopping cheating is flagging those using the most common conspicuous third party software.

  7. That’s like any hack for anything, especially gaming. Exploits are always found when others are patched.

  8. Absolutely if programmed correctly. This is the key.

  9. But people WANT to. It’s like you guys have no idea what it’s like to be, or want to be, competitive at anything.

  10. And that’s fine if they want to… no one said it wasn’t? Again, the advice is not relevant to everyone, as I said.

  11. Thank you :) Not sure why you’ve been downvoted btw. This sub is odd with downvoted lol

  12. I can grab the bar and go with conventional but my sumo needs work. The whole spread the floor part isn't clicking. It could be because my hips are tight from working 80+ hours for the past several weeks and I've been slacking on mobility work. With rolling, stretching, and massage I should be able to get my hips closer and knees out farther. This is my first 'heavy' sumo pull in months just curious to see where things are at. Strength is there but technique needs work. My short term goal is 650 mixed grip with better technique then see if I can surpass my conventional PR.

  13. Yeah can see you aren’t getting hips through hard enough. Though you look like you will restrict that a bit by your close grip, you could take it out an inch and have the bar hang a little lower. Would also allow you to have you shoulders back more and hips through

  14. Thanks for the tip! That makes perfect sense. I'll make the adjustment and lower the weight for a bit.

  15. Weight doesn’t look like too much of an issue tbh, that’s a strong fast rep which with some small adjustments will end up being a speed rep lol

  16. Both will be about the same if you are reaching failure.

  17. Learn to strap up while hinging from a normal starting position. Jumping into the bar like you did had you completely in the wrong place causing all sorts of issues.

  18. Wasn’t it just that the next ones would be released, since when was timed weekly requests back?

  19. Then why be here shitting on people who are still playing? Leave the sub and go do something better for you.

  20. You're the one who doesn't understand that there's no point in getting your chest to the bar except to get your chest to the bar. Same with wall kicks. There's no point outside of the action itself.

  21. CrossFitters like you remind me of furries. You make doing weird shit your whole personality. I really don't care what you do, but I can't help but wonder what mental defect you're suffering from.

  22. Odd comment, and you think I have a “metal” defect!

  23. Do Larsen presses or put your feet on the bench or get something so you can plant your feet on it.

  24. 100% agree. I guess more wondering if there was any good reason NOT to do some variety of feet up.

  25. Absolutely not. If you are stable then go for it. No different to doing floor presses otherwise really :)

  26. The problem is that it doesn't mean it isn't strong, just because some people are too low skilled to realise. You've seen how angry and irrational people get sometimes when people merely acknowledge that aim assist exists. There's too much denial reality on this sub.

  27. Aim assist is what it is, but as you know it can be abused to be stronger. Equally you know there are a majority of people who don’t even understand what it is when it happens and just assume they reacted like gods.

  28. If we had skill based aim assist, the complaints would go away. The players who don't understand they're fighting AI can have the game do all of the aiming for them and no one would ever complain.

  29. That’s something that would be a great addition. Worse players in lower lobbies having aim assist like now and as you move up it gets lowered.

  30. Rare as rocking horse shite. Lucky person with that.

  31. After I posted this I looked through some of your other post OP. I noticed you are using mixed grip for your deadlift and at least I the few videos I saw you are overhand with your right hand. Are you changing up your grip for deads? This could be a factor for you. Your upper back is in an isolation hold for dead lift and which way you are gripping is going to affect things further up the connect chain.

  32. No one really changes grip and it doesn’t cause anyone issues tbh. Accessory work would counter anything from it.

  33. Does arena count? If so land somewhere boring. Hide in a bush. You’ll be top 10 very quickly as arena solos is awful

  34. Dude is a little bit of a yes man tho

  35. Yeah to tfue he is, but he knows his role and probably accepts he’s getting publicity and money from playing with him.

  36. Zemie isn’t some random, he’s got thousands of subs on twitch, has been pub stomping for years in build mode and now is back in comp doing ZB with tfue as they both kept running into each other in pubs.

  37. As you actually compete I’d say you need to be careful you don’t get called for ramping there.

  38. Size wise it will likely help. Heart wise it will be hard to start with but keep going :)

  39. They've had to change the physics to reboot cards a couple times since they added zero builds. People's reboot cards originally stayed the elevation where people died. But in zero builds, if you destroyed a building and it collapsed, there was no way to get the reboot card back because you couldn't build back up to it. So they added gravity to the reboot cards, but that made them sink in water and people couldn't go underwater to get them. I'm assuming this new bug is them trying to fix the last issue, but then of course created a new issue lol

  40. Pretty sure I’ve seen someone post about reboot card on water still sinking

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