1. Badass dog has some serious strength, but I hope it can get some wheels in the future.

  2. There wasn't any context to the source where I found the video but it does appear the dog's owner was the one filming. My guess is the dog didn't like the wheels.

  3. That's funny because so is this one but your leftiod blinders prevented you from seeing that

  4. this is a picture of space marines with text, and then a picture of doom guy with the old text cropped off.

  5. I've only been to Popeye's maybe once or twice, but I don't recall them being very expensive. Probably varies by location though

  6. If I recall correctly all those garbage chicken places charge about 30 bucks for a bucket of chicken. I can get an eight piece and two sides for a third of that from the grocery store.

  7. Wild, I remember it being $10-20 but it was in Louisiana and it was years ago

  8. I'd probably end up knocking them all the place, or at least knock them over.

  9. It took her multiple tries to do this and in one clip she did knock over one but surprisingly it was in the middle.

  10. Yep, but it usually doesn't help the US spreading "peace & democracy" in foreign countries.

  11. I know and good on you. Just don't get sucked into the new "enduring freedom" bs.

  12. What if all the world around you wasn't quite as it seems. Would you find yourself afraid to see?

  13. I know it's hard for most westerners to believe because they lack any type of dedication needed to achieve this feat but this is actually possible.

  14. The old guy behind him goes from trying to catch the kid to clapping in less than a second.

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