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  1. She looks VERY VERY skinny, was she eating and pooping before this? I would guess starvation based on that size and shape. Although i don't know a whole ton about this breed, so please correct me if i'm wrong about the shape.

  2. I am unsure. I posted about them not eating in this sub previously, but No one commented so I wasn't sure.

  3. And to think three of these are in the same timeline

  4. Pleeaaaase give credit to exyl on YouTube for this he is awesome

  5. I think you have one saber set to Cal Kestis, and the other saber set to Revan. Those 2 fonts seem to have similar hums and swings on LGT, and as you noticed, Cal Kestis' hum/swing seems to be the beefier of the two. Plus, one saber is lit blue (Cal Kestis), and the other is lit purple (Revan). If you haven't edited your list of fonts, then if you move forward one font I'm gonna guess that the 'next' font will be different on both sabers, if my theory about you being on two different fonts is correct.

  6. Does one have an open bottom and the other doesn't?

  7. They both have the same style of pommel with small holes for the sound to come through

  8. Do you sell them? And if so where? I am very interested in these

  9. Take the doors off the hinges and take the handles off the fridge lmfao

  10. Land, air, and sea, they attack you wherever you be.

  11. With a hand behind his back, and not flinching as it scorches the ground around him, i might add.

  12. They should be the same battery, one is just higher capacity (will last longer). The bottom battery will work (as long as the ends are the same, some are flat, some are button). But it won’t last as long.

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