Years of work gone bc of an abusive partner. My favorite monstera cut… everything destroyed. I’m at a loss for words.

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  1. Thank you everyone. We’ve decided to have her stay unemployed for now. Better safe than sorry.

  2. In California we have State Disability Insurance. She could apply and get that if your state offers it. She might also qualify for snap benefits. That would at least help with food while you are waiting for an answer.

  3. She is on floridas equivalent of snap. I will look into state disability insurance thank you

  4. You can be declared disabled thru the SSDI program, but you have to be off work for six consecutive months before you can start drawing disability income. The only thing that can help during this period is if she has short term and long term disability insurance. If she has a reported income during that period, it will disqualify her until she is off consecutive months. It would be best for you to contact a disability lawyer for confirmation on that. These are the things that I was told by SSA and a disability attorney.

  5. I’m very curious how there is so much discrepancy between your comment versus what

  6. OMG, I would need to make an alt account to spill all my tea, because this one is under my real name. 😂

  7. Literally same. I live in a small town with one gym and I’m also a coach there. But there’s always a new piece of juicy gossip. I’d need a throwaway

  8. Crossfit Traning Yard is close to Glendale in North Hollywood. Owned by Becca Voight who is a regular coach there as well. I've had good experiences there dropping in. Very friendly and welcoming.

  9. He does look a bit overweight. I would say slowly reduce calories and if you start to see his ribs become visible from the side you can stop reducing. Large dogs are better off a bit slim than overweight, particularly with joint issues in mind as they age.

  10. Okay. Thank you for the input. He was a noodle until we moved here last year. I think it’s just very hot and humid here year round so when his eating slowed down I got nervous and made him a very high calorie topper to entice his appetite that he probably doesn’t need. I understand that dogs will eat when hungry, but up until then he ate everything all at once so I was confused if he just didn’t like the food.

  11. Yes he is a bit overweight. Nothing crazy. Up the exercise intensity & cut food back slightly. :)

  12. Thank you. I’ve gotta find an activity that he loves. After a while of throwing the ball he stops going after it 🤣

  13. (And yes! He is a catahoula. Had dna done. He’s nearly albino which throws a lot of people off when it comes to breed)

  14. Nothing to add except he looks handsome and like he’s doing his very best 🥹

  15. Im 95% sure thats an Alocasia Regal Shield. I sprouted a few corms and they look just like this in their juvenile form. I would keep it in the terracotta pot if you used store bought soil. Alocasias are prone to root rot if the soil is too wet. Miracle Grow and Vigoro retain too much moisture and the terracotta pot should help mitigate that.

  16. That was my Mistake, is definitely is regal shield. I’m using a a really light and chunky homemade mix. It definitely drains quickly. I was just curious if it looked leggy or stressed. It hasn’t kept more than 2 leaves for any extended period of time

  17. That seems to be some sort of alocasia. Philodendrons are a vine with lots of nodes.

  18. It’s alocasia regal shield! I definitely mixed up my plant ID markers! Thanks haha

  19. Sometimes a thriving plant get cut down to the root. They are resilient and come back stronger and thriving harder than before. You will too ❣️,

  20. He doesn’t look that catahoula in these pics. Sometimes I’ll catch him at a particular angle or see a particular behavior that just scream catahoula. Without squinting and the goggles he has that very chiseled snout. I have other pics of you look back in my history

  21. Good deal, I was just curious. Never seen a Catahoula with ears that tall, but the Cattle dog makes perfect sense.

  22. Yeah. He also doesn’t control or intentionally move them that much, like a hearing dog would. I guess since he can’t hear. They just fill up with air and act as sails

  23. Yes!! He doesn’t hear me come home, but he can smell me come home lol

  24. Yes. One of my favorite features/function. I can come and go as I please while he naps so long as he’s not near the door 🤣

  25. Same!! It’s great because I don’t feel guilty leaving him as much if he doesn’t see me leave lol

  26. Chucho Is our second deaf dog 🥹 we’re thinking or rescuing another deaf catahoula

  27. shoves hands deep in pockets as I leave Home Depot without purchasing anything

  28. Tbh try a vet or nutritionist. Homemade diets are notorious for missing key nutrients and he could be trying to supplement those needs.

  29. I don’t think I was clear enough, apologies. He’s definitely still getting kibble. I am in no way confident in my food science skills to make a complete dog food. I am just masking it with the homemade stuff 😂 the kibble in grain free though, and I have upped the brown rice content of this batch to up the carbs and fiber a bit. I realize that what I’ve been making is slightly too much animal proteins alone.

  30. Like the other commentor said: Some dogs are sensitive to having an exmpty stomach for too long. My dog will do exactly the same when I don't feed him before we go. We would go through his puke show every morning until I figured it's because his stomach is empty for too long.

  31. Hmmm he will ALWAYS take a few treats regardless if he’s eaten or not. I could try this first since it’s the least intrusive

  32. You are YOU now ❣️and you look so happy ✨

  33. Oh I lived in Florida but never made it down that far. Thought it was all mansions

  34. No mansions. Just absurdly overpriced bungalows in a 100% flood zone

  35. Only been here a year so I was a little apprehensive to use that term.

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