1. His source is a illegitimate news story that didn't even mention the dude's name

  2. I'm down. They're not the Angelverse and the Buffyverse to me, they're both in the Buffyverse, so strictly Buffy content still relates to any/all Angel content imo.

  3. I love the episodes with the Trio so I have to pick Jonathan, but Ethan is a close second

  4. Connor. Every single step of his journey, from the first twinkle of being prophesied the bring about world domination, to his very inception, being born of two vampires, getting kidnapped as an infant, growing up in a hell dimension only thinking about survival and how much your hate your "dAd" - there's not much hope for anyone after some shit like that, and every single person in that kids life could have done him better. But hindsight and all

  5. Season 4 of ATS was not the worst and was definitely better than season 4 of BTVS

  6. Omg hunny nooo!!! This legit breaks my heart for you... do you hear how much you're willing to do to make him happy because you love him so much?? Because that is great and all and makes you a great partner, but you deserve a partner who's willing to make the same kind of comprises for your happiness as well! He's getting what he wants, and not only is he not reciprocating, but it's at YOUR great detriment, which is not ok... but I'd be willing to bet that he's just subconsciously ignorant (because all of his needs are being met) but once you left that blindfold, he will be willing to meet you half way (at the least) - if he's actually truly worthy of being your partner, that is

  7. I’m going to be completely honest, he is very aware of my pain but I don’t think he fully grasps how bad it really is. If I go more than a few days without getting it on, he can get pretty grumpy and I’d rather avoid that if it means he’s happy!

  8. Ughh. I'm so so sorry. I completely know how it is with the doctor bullshit.. which honestly seems to carry over to most men, who often think we over exaggerate when it comes to feminine pains - likely explaining your fiance "misunderstanding" (for much lack of a better word)...

  9. Yeah, she didn't deserve such a quick and clean death, especially in the arms of her twin.

  10. No guarantees that it was quick. For all we know she could've been pinned from her middle down, stuck and slowly suffering in pain with no hope of help and nothing to do but having to stare at what's left of Jaime's mangled, fucked up dead body that's just barely out of reach while she prays and waits for death for days and days and days.

  11. Shit they don't even need to be an antagonist. That's just Ryan whenever any dude walks across screen

  12. I'm really fucked up for this one, but any time Angel or Angelus gets physically violent... like when Angel breaks off the door handle on the ER. When he turns Buffy by her tiny little shoulders to face him after pushing her to the ground. When he leads the charge towards the mayor with a little step and smirk as he readies his fist. Breaking Jenny's neck in a moonlit silhouette.

  13. Thought the last part of my username was a dead give away that yeah, my ass do be lyin lol

  14. If you're a slower walker, walk along the sides of the path, not down the middle of it. And if you need to pull yourself over for any reason, do so as closely to the edge of the path and as far away from the middle of it as possible.

  15. You clearly do care, as you're literally responding to your own comment where you stated that "Merry Christmas" is "fine" in your opinion, despite not having been even asked what your opinion on the matter is 🙄🙄

  16. I do not care. I will personally say, "Happy Holidays" but I am not going to feed the strawman and get all pissy if someone says Merry Christmas to me.

  17. Ah right. Cause nothing says "I don't care" like multitude comments declaring how much you don't care lol

  18. I would recommend traveling to the location and seeing if it still appears. It is likely it is an artifact from the way Google Earth puts together images.

  19. Everything we know about Antarctica comes from the small 10% chunk of the continent's land that is actually permitted to be accessed. All the rest of the continent is extremely prohibited from being traveled, studied, etc.

  20. i wanna believe but the timing on that crab thing irks me

  21. In Sleep Walkers where the incestuous mom kills her neighbor with a cob to the chest

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