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  1. you gotta find a better garage, equipped with diagnostic tool. these days you do everything online with a pass through interface means you only need a cable and connect your pc to the Internet someone will be able to login and do the programming remotely

  2. Not fake news. I'm the employee he was referring to. That was my quote... Lost 26 engineers today. 20 left... Edit... 20 remaining... 26 were let go of the 46

  3. sounds like a lot of savings. outsource that shit to india

  4. That's a silly statement to make, BudgetTooth. There's a lot of anger about American jobs being outsourced already and Americans losing jobs to foreigners. Millions of American manufacturing jobs have gone over permanently to China and Mexico.

  5. you all want a free market.. free labour market helps companies to hire whoever gets the job done

  6. We’re at 25.92 and the market doesn’t close until 7 or 8pm that’s almost .40 cents since the market closed for us

  7. I thought they fired devs? wasn't that the news? /s

  8. You should drain the capacitors to prevent accidental discharge before touching the board again

  9. dude those caps are so small they are dead 1s after u unplug it

  10. Wrong. I'm here to see this through to the end, as I'm sure many others are. We have, collectively, already pushed for small changes that wouldn't have happened otherwise. Tsunamis aren't made by large waves at first. They start small and gain momentum as the go. We are the global financial tsunami that will wash this filth clean and make sure change happens. Never lose that hope!

  11. i'm just saying that nothing will happen on this specific warning. will disappear in a week or so

  12. don't see why you need to solve 1 problem (SS mods being idiotic) with another problem.

  13. Lol, an entire interview of RC saying his tweets don't mean anything, yet you lead yourself to believe if "definitely wasn't a live interview and was prerecorded segments" with legal advisors in the room with him. Get a grip man.

  14. How have you been buying the dip? 😆😆😆

  15. you can feed IRA to the bot, no check necessary

  16. Hasn't Vanguard lent all their shares? So at least they won't sell, right?

  17. of course they can recall and sell whenever they like.

  18. But the share they’re recalling was, most probably, sold to retail so the borrower has to buy a share to return a share. It’s fair to assume that you can’t close a short by buying from institutional ownership as theirs are all lent out and can’t be bought to return.

  19. lol they can definitely play hot potato with others. nobody ever really needs to buy a real share.

  20. I kept seeing posts for a few months before. When it 140% short interest I just thought fuck these people. I tried to get in at the run up to $483?, took a couple of days to get broker approval and by that time it dropped to $90..Still bought a few because fuck Market Destroyers. Dropped to $40 and bought more because I saw the commitment and still fuck market destroyers. Still here today at xxx shares, not DRS because broker does not allow (Freetrade uk). Procrastination has stopped me DRS. Have opened IBKR account to transfer to CS but it needs funds first, would mean selling my existing phantom shares

  21. I would definitely sell and rebuy in batches, many apes have done the same in the last year

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