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  1. claimed the nft on the 16th, still nobody asked about broker statement. we'll wait a bit.

  2. Looks like they are omitting some of the shares that can't truly be known and the DRS rug pull of those few million skews things off a little to. But I agree in being glad to see what the DRS numbers are on the report. Assuming GME once again publishes that number. If I recall correctly they've only put those numbers on less than a handful of earnings statements...

  3. they started including it after we started registering shares and asking both CS and IR for the numbers. included in every quarter report ever since

  4. Selling anything on the way up is counterproductive because all prices will be seen twice.

  5. Yup. I do remember the 4 decimal places. It’s called decimal point trading and it’s indicative of shares being sold in dark pools. Add it to the list of things at really shouldn’t be happening with GME.

  6. I'm just saying the max price in the current quote system is lower because they use 32bit integer to represent 0.0001 amount.

  7. 530million x $16/share = $8.5 billion

  8. why is that price going up? 1B... 2B.. now 3B...

  9. this is the simpler way but much slower and costly

  10. all for your safety, of course. definitely not to get used to micro management

  11. Soooo they got a $54 billion loan from SNB and they will bump that up to $100 billion. Lol WTF

  12. anyone know where to buy CDS? do we need an ISDA? 😂

  13. Agreed. This vote will lead to recalling of shares which will lead to 1000% CTB next week

  14. lol they're just not gonna vote. no recall necessary

  15. The national banks are all in the same little club.

  16. because democracy is a farce. governments have ultimate powers to impose whatever they benefit from

  17. this means nothing because Cede is the nominee of basically every share trading in US.

  18. lol this is incorrect. they did file for the share offerings. of course outstanding has to increase otherwise what did HBC bought lol

  19. He just explain what soi is, i want to tune it for better performance and efficiency.

  20. Once you understand what it is, you'll know what to do. nobody gonna give you magic numbers that work on your specific engine. test for lower iq under cruise control situations..

  21. So am I. But people are freaking out about the shares issued being 382 mil in the filing on friday. That was already the shares issued in Nov.

  22. lol nope. in November they were issued but not outstanding. March they are outstanding. so float dilution occurred

  23. My concern is that Gamestop-investing Redditors concluded years ago that naked shorters can and have used CUSIP changes to avoid closing their positions. Don't get me wrong, I think the BBBY price is going up regardless, and I'm not selling anywhere near current prices, but I'm still concerned about this issue.

  24. it actually makes it easier to hide because nobody looks at the old cusip anymore

  25. They are not profiting. They are using our funds to grow the company(in this case to restructure and turn around to a profitable company ). Isn’t this what we are here for? To help our company? Don’t ask what your company can do for you, ask what you can do for your company. I’m ok to lose right now and keep averaging down, until I see my returns. I know most of us are here for a squeeze which eventually will happen but right now we stand with the company and the board we believe in and if anyone thinks that we are being rubbed and we, the regards are their only hope then you are over your head. To the end.

  26. if they turn a profit in 2 years meanwhile issuing 900M shares your not gonna see ANY return.

  27. notice where they said "and shares of our common stock" without specifying how many?? 😂

  28. if they wanted to vote they couldnt sell the shares. so the price action is nonsense.

  29. The question is: do they really care about the company? Or was it just a game of making money by selling the shares and diluting?

  30. how much did they pay for them? is it profitable to sell at below 1 usd

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