1. I paid 140 for a half of cherry dosido wasnt impressed at all

  2. I just finished a bottle of sour apple, says on blooms website 440 mg for 10 bottle says 411 thought that was bullshit especaily when they charge so damn much

  3. Ive had my cell for over a year and 2 pods a Weekits gone through id say well over 100 lusters and still running strong

  4. Just picked up a Lemon G and Notrious luster both are goodthat Notrious is some Stank!

  5. Got.the minis and its pretty good! Tasty and smokes well and burns slow

  6. The "doctor" i jist renewed with said expect within 2 years, for whatever thats worth

  7. Its a 102 and for an oz and thats what its worth, ive had the Same brand and flower in my opninon it was weak ass trash id rather grab a nug from my old neoghbor who grows in his back yard in a 5 gallon bucket

  8. I got a white truffle luster from klutch yesterday and its as clear as water damn near and has almost 23 mgs of delta 8 in it i wont buy another one thats after ive bought klutch lusters for 2 years its defintly not the same

  9. I got the same thing i eat 2 spoon fulls before work , along with my sativa tincture from standard farms and im feeling very nice for almost a whole shift

  10. I smoked a whole 2.83. Of that in about hour maybe half i slept for 10 hours strait, they say sativa but if you smoe 2 fat 1s night night

  11. Get fake synthetic piss for 20 bucks, keep it between 90 an 100 degrees . Probally have to wait at urgent care for a few before u go back take that into mind as well. And your Golden. Dont say shit about any card . Just my advice.

  12. I usually steer clear of their flower to because everyytime in the past its always dry as shit. But I've gotten 3 jars of 2.83 of it in Cincinnati and it's super sticky and smokes good

  13. I just picked up wedding cake and it's so sticky it hardly breaks up this looks killer

  14. Pick up some lemon G from grow ohio. U will be glad u did. That's all

  15. Zen leaf / have a heart has kush mints luster pods

  16. I am just trying this having recently changed to carts. So far, I love it - and the smell when you open the container is great, too. I previously tried Buckeye Relief stuff with botanical terpenes and it made me nauseous (shame as I'm sitting on two carts that are of no use to me.) This one is nothing like those. Beneleaves knows what they are doing. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Hey! Nice ! I can't stand botanical terps. I got this on sale . I think that's my last 510 cart I got. They just can't compte with luters . Imo. Have a good one

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