1. Unfortunately, the game was never finished. There are a lot of flaws like this that were never corrected. It’s difficult to manage any vault once it gets too many people. They didn’t make enough use of the SPECIAL traits that make fallout what it is. For a game that made $100 million, this should feel more like a finished product

  2. It’s like you’re supposed to forget about the game and move on, there’s no real reason to keep playing. There’s no ties to the actual lore of the main games and there isn’t any sort of mulitplayer action. With a game like Candy crush or Clash of clans, there is more replay ability. Check out how much Clash of Clans has made:

  3. According to the lore, the enclave wined and dined many guests in the wasteland. Legend has it they make a special red blend that is served with Brie and a baguette

  4. The Pitt is pretty bad, enslaving people and then working them to death sounds like a living hell

  5. Unfortunately reality is/was not far from it.

  6. I agree, and I think the series does a good job at balancing things so it’s not too dark. It’s more about the mystery than showing messed up stuff. Realistically there probably would have been a lot more slavery than what is shown in the games when you consider how primitive everything is.

  7. Rachel’s Holotape in Fallout 4 proves that this is lore. “Rachel Watkins: I think this is it. I can't go any further. I can feel it taking me. growl No, gotta keep it together a little longer. Oswald, I'm sorry. I've looked everywhere I could think, but there's no cure. What towns and outposts I could find said that we ghouls just go feral eventually, and there's nothing to be done. Maybe it was the misters. Held out... moan ...as long as I can. I know this isn't what you'd want but... I can't stand the thought of mindlessly attacking everyone around me, so I've decided to end it on my own terms. I don't know why it hasn't affected you the same, but if you've still held it together... I want you to move on. Leave Nuka-World. You can still make a life out there. It's not all as bad as we thought. I love you Oz.”

  8. I mean Rachel doesn’t make it very far. The words of a few wastelanders doesn’t exactly prove anything imo, just that the theory is in universe, not that it’s fact

  9. Rachel survived over 200 years, she was part of Oswald’s group. She separated herself because she could feel herself turning. Same mentality and environment as the rest of the group. Her word is as much lore as anyone else’s words in the game. In a post apocalyptic world, there’s no way of confirming anything with complete certainty because the infrastructure to support that is gone. By infrastructure I mean academia and scientific data that confirms things as facts.

  10. I can’t wait until technology can handle a larger build limit, I really liked working with the manufacturing equipment but you run out of space after a certain point.

  11. There’s a lot that they didn’t get to, such as an underwater vault and sea creatures. They can’t keep working on the game forever.

  12. The pizza mod would be the chefs kiss on this build 🤌🏻

  13. One theory is that the vaults are monitored remotely, which means there must be some sort of satellite connection. Your pip boy shows your location, so there must be a system that triangulates your coordinates using a radio antennae and satellite.

  14. You’re supposed to do the museum quest at the beginning of the game. Garvey is essential to the minuteman quest line, so this could be a fix to make him available so people don’t get confused

  15. I like to use Sanctuary to build as many water purifiers as possible along the river because it almost never gets attacked and the water will make you enough money to fix any issue you might have as you travel to each settlement.

  16. Thats a great idea! In survival I have a ridiculous amount of water pumps in Hangmans Alley. A lot easier to hoof it to diamond city that way

  17. It would be nice to see some improvements to resource sharing between settlements. It always seems like there is a delay before it reaches the other settlements.

  18. I wonder if there’s a reference to Doom somewhere in there

  19. Mr. House and his robot Victor both have working televisions. I believe the TVs in fallout are vacuum tube based, which can’t be easy to fix

  20. This is from an old post saying not a synth [not OC]

  21. Those types of things are what the covenant looks for when spotting a synth. They believe that if a person knows the correct way to play baseball, they are in fact a synth. Personally I think if the devs wanted the sole survivor to be a synth, it would be a part of the game. Discovering that Danse is a synth is a legitimate part of the game that doesn’t require any theories.

  22. We still have no idea who or what the Mysterious Stranger is or where did he come from, but we do know that the protagonist isn't the only one who sees him (based on Nick Valentine's notes).

  23. One thing that’s interesting to me about the Zetans is there are alien animatronics in Nuka World that look exactly like the actual Zetans. So is it possible that aliens made contact in a public way before the bombs dropped? Would this explain the fact that the Hubologists and the Cabot family understood how to use Zeta waves?

  24. The biggest problem I see is Hawaii is one of the farthest islands from land. I could see Cuba being a location because it’s close enough to Florida. Taking a boat up the coast is much safer than thousands of miles in the middle of the ocean. Especially if you’re not sure if there will be any supplies on the island when you get there. If the island was nuked then there may not be much left to find.

  25. It’s really great to fortify sanctuary hills just to realize nobody ever attacks it. However, for me the most frustrating experience was the Castle. When you find it, it seems like it has a lot of cool potential. But the build limit is so small that you can’t build anything cool. The broken wall is a pain to patch up in a clean way that doesn’t take up too much build space.

  26. I’m sure there’s a mod that increases build size on the Xbox. I know there is a virtual reality mod that you can buy where you go into a pod and you have unlimited build space. The only problem is it isn’t useful to the rest of the settlements and the overall game outside the pod.

  27. I don’t like glitching with wires because it makes it difficult to fix after it’s all built. If you’re setup doesn’t work right and everything is buried, you have to take it apart to figure out the problem. I like to do my wiring on the floor below what I’m building for both ease of use and hiding the wires.

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