1. Well that was a good start to getting to know you. I can speak from personal experience that none of those in combination are fun to deal with. The key is to just take it at a step at a time. Don't become overwhelmed by all the people reaching out to you. It gets easier and you will spot the ones who will protect you. From those who will overwhelm you. I'm Bubba nice to meet you.

  2. Well you would have to define interesting to you. There are many things you can find interesting about someone.

  3. Long term friends is what we all hope for but never know exactly what we will end up being. As far as chemistry goes in conversations it depends on if both parties are willing to expand their minds and look at things in a different light.

  4. That would be easy for you. Your very lovely my dear.

  5. Your an excellent one for sure. I hope you have yep on the other side.

  6. I'm always willing to help out and pass on knowledge

  7. Yes why would being a mom of three stop the fun. Everyone deserves to have enjoyment in thier lives. I just like to start by eating out.

  8. That entirely depends on the dad figure you plan to use. If he's a POS then not so much. If he can teach morals and values then really important.

  9. I saw a video of a homeless dude blowing crack smoke up another homeless guys asshole. I'd say that is about as rock bottom as you can get. So until I do some shit like that then I know I haven't hit absolute bottom.

  10. Don't try to see where rock-bottom is, whatever point in life you are, try to get out of it as soon as possible. There's no purpose to see how low you can go. I mean, you won't like it. Just know that it is okay to be in a bad place. And to stay there for a while. At least, as long as you're building the force to jump out of there. Everybody has problems. And most tdont care for yours. To get better is in your hands. Nobody will do it for you. Nobody really.

  11. I totally agree with you. It's all up to me and my higher power to continue on. I've been here before so I now how to fix it.

  12. Very beautiful and hope to see more nature

  13. Very beautiful and wish to see more of nsture

  14. Very nice loved the details and story line

  15. Let me start off with saying my grandfather was 5'1". I looked up to that man even when I was 6'. He gave me some advice: it's not about height or looks, it's about learning everyday and do what you enjoy in life. And one day you will meet that one person who shares your interests and will love you for who you are. I was disfigured in a car accident and I'm not a great person. But I did find that person for me thou I lost her 2 years ago. I still remain true to myself as shall you. For there are always new people to meet and share our worlds with.

  16. Would love to come home too one. Back to Scotland my roots are tied

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