Me disassembling cars.

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  1. Research show that people who live fulfilled lives tend to live fuller lives due to the lives they live being more fulfilling to said lives

  2. Why have you photoshopped this on to a mug?! 🤣

  3. Nostalgia overload! I can remember the smell and sound of the computer lab full of those computers…

  4. Does your wife have PTSDee?? Seriously, I hope you find something for her :)

  5. Is bumper pool really not heard of these days? I played everyday as a child in early 70's

  6. sadly this is just what engineers prefer to tell themselves

  7. Love is a delicate thing It could just float away on the breeze. How can we ever know We've found the right person in this world? Love is a mystery It does not follow a rule.

  8. My partner has one and it's a fine car, but that 4.5" bed is bullshit.

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