1. Not enough information. Your question lacks context/details to understand what you want.

  2. There is speculation that the ET's are soul-less AI-like beings (Artificial Intelligence) that don't have access to Source anymore (or perhaps never did), so they parasite through humans to gain access to the beyond realms.

  3. Great summary. I would take this class. Artificial Intelligence Theory. Where does this leave my shame and guilt?

  4. Shame and guilt are a part of the "karma game", which is a game that you can willingly subscribe or unsubscribe from using your free-will.

  5. Fears about being exposed, being vulnerable, and feeling like being exposed could be unattractive or scary...?

  6. There is a zombie outbreak in downtown San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Portland, and New York as we speak.

  7. They're a 5th or 6th dimensional being wearing a cloak. They do not want to be noticed or focused on.

  8. Which God there are lots of Gods. Why is this planet off limits? There have been abduction stories alien and even mythological with fae.

  9. There is only one God at the core from which all consciousness originates, fragments split from the unified source.

  10. In one lucid dream, I was at a bar with a woman and two men and asked them if they were merely shards of my own consciousness or beings independent of me and they joyously said in a very understanding tone, “nope, we exist completely independently of you, this is our natural plane of existence.” I asked them if they had special abilities like I did and proceeded to fly, and change the backdrop of the bar. They were mesmerized as they couldn’t do such things

  11. I've been to the near-Earth bars too! Many times. I've even met with famous people to talk over a drink, and we had legit conversations.

  12. I also dont fully get it, theres a lot of atmosphere, how could the small amount of CO2 humans are making effect anything that much?

  13. It's more about billionaires making you feel guilty about having children and eating meat, so that they can burn as much oil and gas as they want with no one pointing the finger at them, to fly private jets, move big yachts, send giant cargo ships between China and US so they can outsource factory jobs to cheaper regions.

  14. Probably means you need to take care of your debt before it swallows you lol.

  15. Sounds peaceful. Seems you may have been visiting the near-earth realms with some relatives in your incarnation group.

  16. They have to check that. No one is going to put you on a bike without confidence you can handle it.

  17. So what is the legal requirement, 20 hours driving with instructor? A certificate of completion? What is it they check.

  18. Before signing up for training, you have to get PKK number (driver candidate profile number) from department of transportation. You then provide this number to your riding school and once you pass their internal exams, they will update your PKK which then can be verified by DRAW before you attend the real exam.

  19. Through the astral state during sleep, yes. Confirmed information that was shared.

  20. Strange. I've heard of NDEs where people met Jesus and similar, like they saw an embodied being that identified as such. I can't relate.

  21. When I was young, I would wake up in the middle of the night, and it would be unusually quiet.

  22. The feeling of anxiety and questioning the relationship's future is accurate. Might be time to clarify where is the relationship headed, and if it's aligned with your goals.

  23. Yes 100% it is important to me to have children and I do feel this extreme anxiety to make a decision about my partner because of my biological clock. I just can't decide whether to settle with him, and makes things work (which he is willing to do) or get out and find someone new asap. He does want marriage and kids, but we have only been together 10 months or so.

  24. I had a recurring dream for 2 years where I couldn't find my partner. I would be looking for her in a panic but couldn't find her. Would try to call her number but I could never input it correctly. I would always wake up in a panic, only to find her lying right there beside me, which made me calm down and feel really appreciative.

  25. A closer examination? You mean opening the fucking bags for the first time?

  26. They buy contracts in the hundreds of millions, and must then pickup and move it to storage quickly. The quantities they work with, there's no way they're checking every ton delivered.

  27. In one of my astral travels, I was a small floating spirit.

  28. Means you need to stop watching the news. Shit is nothing but fear mongering.

  29. What was she doing on the phone, messaging a dude she met at work?

  30. That makes sense. Right now you're on a spaceship in a hologram capsule bed. The movie you're watching is so convincing that you forgot about your real form.

  31. She was offended when you thought it was only a dream. She was under the impression it meant more to you than just a fantasy.

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