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  1. You would be better off cutting it in half. 9" lengths. Miter saw or a saws all. Unless you have a friend with a chainsaw.

  2. Did you not take a picture of the closed store?

  3. Influencer is the wrong word for what she does. Wrong word for any content creator.

  4. Bruh why is there so much political drama this year in the WC I just wanna watch some GD soccer and then not care about it for the next 4 years

  5. Because people are getting fed up with their governments. Nothing but a bunch of Dictators.

  6. You didn't have to accept the offer. It's called an offer for a reason.

  7. They shouldn't be stacking orders unless they are from the same restaurant.

  8. That's why GH should require pictures taken.

  9. Asking someone to NOT deliver as quickly as you can is weird. Moreso, specifically telling a delivery driver to purposely delay showing up is even stranger.

  10. I must not be able to see the whole conversation on my computer. I only see one screen shot. Will have to check it on my phone or something. IDK

  11. Is that from someone's shoe? It should just burn off if the other products don't work.

  12. What do you mean by "Paid Block"? You don't get an hourly when on block. Granted. there is a compensation if you make less than $12 in an hour. I have never made less than $12 an hour with GH. Scheduling blocks is pretty much useless anyway. You really have no clue how GH works, do you?

  13. QAnon where? You people are something else. Y'all need help.

  14. :45? They need to find a better and faster way to charge. The storage hasn't caught up with the technology yet.

  15. Nice. I hope the scumbags in Chicago keep their sticky fingers off of it.

  16. Solo Stove does sell a handle for moving it. It pressure fits to the inside so you don't have to touch the outside when you move it.

  17. If that's your car, it looks like you pulled out in front of them.

  18. No it's 591.50 a month in my zip code. I was paying 330 when I was in Philadelphia with tort option and full coverage, before i added tort i was paying 180 in Philadelphia just for full coverage and 74 in Maryland before that for full coverage no tort option.

  19. Ridiculous. The deranged need to keep to themselves.

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