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  1. I mean without using a machine and using the sand papers by hand

  2. Bro idk what these people are telling you but you cannot just sand part of your floor. It will be super obvious when the stain and clear coat don't match. If you're ok with that then go for it but the scratches would look better as is imo. When you're talking about refinishing a whole floor you're looking at multiple days of work, including moving all the furniture out so you can work. Then there's all the dust. You have to plastic off the room so it's almost airtight to keep the dust in. It's not a beginner job. It can be done by a skilled diyer but it's a lot of work. And to give you a price estimate I looked into doing this myself and decided it was easier to pay someone just due to how long it was gonna take me to do it myself and rent the tools. It cost me around $3 per square foot but that's pretty much bottom dollar so expect to pay more.

  3. Flex fuel is even higher in ethanol than 88. So you can get maximum corns per gallon. Like up to 85% ethanol or something

  4. Oh, well those photos are all natural so I guess don't believe everything you read on the internet 🤷‍♂️.

  5. How TF does someone dressed like a meal team six member not know how to handle a weapon as simple as a shotgun?

  6. Had something similar happen and the guy offered to pay it out of pocket instead of dealing with insurance.

  7. That would've been the easiest solution. I'm sure the keyboard warriors will say every accident needs reported tho

  8. I agree it looks like some kind of pine. If you're serious about this project you'd probably be wise to buy some wood specifically for its moisture tolerance properties.

  9. Yes. This thing is completely stock 4x4 4.8 4l60 6 bolt. You could bolt drums on but i figure this is better, or you could spend money on a bracket and small brakes

  10. Sounds easier to do drums. I don't get the hate for them. Every vehicle I've owned has had drums in the rear and I've never seen any reason to swap them out.

  11. I hunt in centre and Perry county and haven't seen a single deer yet

  12. I attribute this to being ng different things

  13. You can buy yellow fuel line on Amazon and some hardware stores. Don't know the exam diameter tho

  14. In 2014 I was a man with a mission. Tom Wolf was running for Pennsylvania Governor and had promised medical marijuana. I worked my ass off; Wolf got elected, kept his promise, and we have a medical marijuana program!!

  15. Yeah but our medical program isnt a good one. Barely an improvement over being completely illegal

  16. Not much is certain in this world, but I am certain that that man will still vote republican.

  17. I bought a bunch of federal SPPs from a coworker who's grandpa passed and this was in the box. I'm pretty certain these are small pistol, but I don't know how old or what brand they are. I'm hoping for an entertaining way to use them rather than in regular loads.

  18. I’ve only ever heard driveshaft referring to rotational motion. Do you think there is some sort of ratcheting mechanism inside and that it drives by a thrusting motion?

  19. That’s what it’s been referred to over and over. What are your thoughts on it. Tell me how you think it works instead of just asking me questions.

  20. Seems to me the larger shaft goes into a structure of some sort, possibly a basement. If that were the case maybe it could be to open and close a damper of some kind. For a furnace maybe or just for ventilation. Only thing is idk why you would need to do that from a remote location. Needs pics of the surrounding area

  21. That’s a topogram (low dose planning scan). Got any of the saggital bone slices?

  22. Kinda liked the original steering wheel more tbh. Everything else is mint tho

  23. I would change all filters, fluids and perhaps the spark plugs and wires. If i had bought a car with a milage like that.

  24. Yes and no. The Driver is responsible for doing a pretrip inspection every day before thier shift starts (at least in the States, and I assume it's the same in Japan). This includes pulling the hood to check fluids, hoses, suspension components, brakes, springs, etc. This is required by law on any commercial vehicle and has to be reflected in whatever logbook system the company is required to use. It is monitored by both state agencies and the Department of Transportation.

  25. You don't need to flip the cab to check any of that. The dipsticks can usually be accessed through the wheel wells or behind the cab.

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