1. Don’t know many senior bowl players but I know Rashee Rice and Xavier Hutchinson are in it and I really like them.

  2. I’d say so. That short bow you’re using can carry you to the literal end of apocalypse if you have the patience to keep upgrading it.

  3. Yeah I’ve been using that bow (or a similar one at least) for as long as I can remember playing this game. I found out very early that overcharge on a short bow is pretty broken. I have a backup with Overcharge and piercing for when this one needs upgrading.

  4. It is. That being said thorns and deflect mobs are my worst nightmare precisely for that reason.

  5. Yeah thorns and deflect suck. I don’t have unchanting on my Fighters Bindings so dealing with deflect mobs is horrible. Thorns is at least not terrible because I have lifesteal.

  6. What, he can’t use thumbs down in a situation where it is totally justified? This sub man

  7. If Trubisky made the pro bowl at QB and RB, I’d still call him versatile

  8. I agree with you, but that sentence made no sense

  9. I wouldn’t be done, I’d just be really really disappointed

  10. It was a late hit but what confuses me about these kinds of penalties is the defender was running full speed at Mahomes, how is he supposed to stop his momentum on a dime?

  11. I've chosen Spike too.... Just 1800 credits to go haha *cries*

  12. I actually just got him this morning. At the exact same time I hit 25k trophies

  13. Every new brawler for a while has had one starpower that makes the brawler 33% stronger and completely carries their kit, while the other does nothing or is alright but pales in comparison:

  14. Idk about Bonnie, her black powder sp is good but it doesn’t carry her

  15. Honestly I think Chris Jones was the MVP of that game

  16. I hate men because they are so mean to me and I don’t want to be around them

  17. Lmao he should at least be in A he has basically everything that makes a brawler good in boss fight

  18. 2nd in tackles and led the team in INT, but the Saints sort of just existed this year.

  19. The Titans and the Saints were the two teams that I just completely forgot about their existence this year.

  20. I heard so much about Mike McGlinchey his first year and a half. He’s still starting in a conference championship game, and I genuinely don’t think I’ve heard his name this season.

  21. Lmao half of our sub wants to sign him this offseason and judging by all of the 49ers fans who would gladly let us I don’t think it’s a great idea. That’s the only reason I’ve heard about him.

  22. Don’t forget he has to outrun the housewives

  23. Forward - left - forward - left - back - right - back - left - forward

  24. Yeah, I found one of these iron veins in my survival world about 30 minutes after I started. After about an hour or two of mining I ended up with 8 and a half stacks of iron. Just keep mining all of the tiff in the area and you’ll keep uncovering more iron

  25. There are like 18 different teams in need of a QB this year and Fields is the most valuable QB that could be available this year aside from Lamar, and even that’s debatable because Lamar is looking for a massive contract. Fields still has 2-3 years of control left. Just like how everyone is saying that we’d cause a bidding war for the first pick, if the FO is planning on trading Fields they should Jack up the price.

  26. Geez, ok enjoy your running back then man. We don’t want him anyway.

  27. Lol ain’t no way you’re roasting our QB. Who do you have again?

  28. Yeah I find the whole idea of trading him away stupid. At the very worst, if fields isn’t it, and we draft a QB next year. Best case scenario, he takes a Hurts-like leap and becomes a franchise QB.

  29. I had an idea for a knight brawler a long time ago that for his super he absorbed damage from his teammates. Like his teammate would take 20% damage, and instead he would take 60% of that damage and the other 20% would be shielded.

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