1. Is anyone else still here still watching the good doctor? I'm invested in this dog

  2. I’ve had fluctuating cervix lengths starting at 26 weeks. 2.6>1.6>2.3>3.2. I stopped checking the reports after that because I was obsessing over the numbers. I did have funneling from 26 weeks though. I’m currently 32 and everything has been stable. All along I haven’t had any symptoms to show my cervix shortening. No cramps, discharge, bleeding, etc. I’ve been going for weekly ultrasounds but nothing else has been done besides my doctor putting me on pelvic rest. One of the ultrasound techs I had told me she actually had all 4 of her pregnancies with shortened cervix each time. She delivered between 32-35 weeks for all of them and they’re now healthy children. It’s easy to worry but having gone through this myself for the last 6 weeks, just do what your doctor tells you and take care of yourself. I found that I was doing more harm than good researching all the information I could find that related to what I’m going through.

  3. Thank you for this! I know, I keep looking stuff up and it’s all so 50/50. I’m also on pelvic test and told to just take it easy, stay hydrated, etc. good luck for the rest of your pregnancy!!

  4. I had to laugh when I was in the Loreal section of Target yesterday. I was telling my son about "mascaragate" and the random lady walking by, giggled, looked at me and said "that was totally a falsie" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I about DIED laughing. Lmfao.

  5. A basic stitch goes through both loops unless the pattern tells you to go through the back or front loop only. Back and front loop stitches are used to created ridges or texture.

  6. I usually just stand there and remember a cringy moment in my life and then spiral down being consumed by all my past errors until a coworker says something and snaps me out of

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever related to anything more

  8. With both pregnancies, oh lord was I nauseous and especially with my current pregnancy (now 27 weeks) but never threw up once, even though I really thought I was going to a couple times lol. I generally never throw up unless I’ve had the stomach flu

  9. I absolutely can’t stand people who don’t wear a seatbelt. They think it could never happen to them. They save lives. That’s exactly WHY they’re there

  10. I will never understand why people put pictures with their kids on tinder lol

  11. It's looking good to me. Hope you keep going like this, too. There are times when regular color pattern repeats are soothing and easier on the eyes. Maybe once you finish 2 more striped sets, step back, look again, and then you'll be sure!

  12. Thank you!! Yeah wanted to switch it up with not a super basic pattern so fingers crossed it comes out good!

  13. Currently dealing with this now. Maybe try papaya enzymes

  14. Almost same exact thing with me! My son was measuring at 4 pounds at 31 weeks and I had him at exactly 38 weeks and he was 7 pounds 11 ounces. My doctor told me to limit carbs and stuff too, but I didn’t really do it lol and he didn’t come out giant lol just a big head

  15. Let me say, I’m a single mom and got a puppy while having a toddler. I swear a puppy is harder than baby’s and children lol

  16. Coming from a person who STRUGGLES with math, it’s not bad once you get it down. Depends on what position and kind of things you’re doing. I work in mail order and most math I do is simple division and multiplying. Id say the hardest is in the beginning learning all the different formulas and for IV therapy stuff

  17. I liked it for the most part, but I think it was a lot longer than it needed to be lol

  18. Went to put the towels from the washer in the dryer, and I was so confused as to how they were dry Turns out I never started the washer 🫠

  19. Which ever you feel is best for you do! Also when it comes time to push and you have an epidural you can still feel the pressure and urge to push! I had it, and I knew I was ready cause I felt so much pressure in my butt even though I couldn’t feel anything else lol.

  20. Totally normal, they don't flip for good until roughly 30 weeks. Baby is still small and will probably change positions a few more times before settling upside down.

  21. Oh okay good to know!! I know I shouldn’t probably worry but my sister had a c section due to baby being breeched so it was all I could think of lol

  22. Can someone give me the giveaway run down? I missed it

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