1. This unfortunately happens with a Court of Thorns and Roses as well. :/

  2. This explains kind of what led us to todays shitty drug coverage

  3. I'm thinking about seeing if he will switch me to Zubsolv for a week to see how it works.

  4. My doctor wants to put me on the same thing when the dose of codeine he has me on stops working instead of just raising the codeine or switching me to a higher-tier opiate. I am not happy about it. That crap isn't covered by my insurance either. I can't believe he forgot. I know he's only human but the slap of carelessness is jarring. I might have to get a referral to a pain psychologist and switch to more compassionate doctor.

  5. If they switch you to the next strongest it might be tramadol. Personally I would try a pain management clinic. I have such a high tolerance there are only a few opioid pain medications that help. I also take gabapentin and prescription ibuprofen for pain but as far as opiates go buprenorphine, fentanyl, and Opana are the only ones that help.

  6. Sadly, I understand. I don't know your exact situation obviously but if one doctor can't or won't do anything, find another and another and another until you find the 1:1,000,000 that will listen and do whatever is necessary to help you.

  7. They don't do just buprenorphine i think.. they do buprenorphine/naloxone only.

  8. This is a myth. Some people are able to tickle themselves. Especially if it's an area with a large amount of nerves. Someone with sensitive feet might be able to tickle themselves with a feather.

  9. Depends on what kind of pipe but having 2 valves would help when searching for leaks.

  10. So disappointing. I wish they would have Bevine re-narrate Road of the Patriarch. 15 audiobooks! Then 🤮.

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