1. Yeah I loved this picture of the yardsale, and also the hockey fight above it.

  2. Mark Hunter and Dale Hunter’s involvement against one another in the Saint Vendredi brawl is pretty iconic

  3. Parents had 67’s season tickets when I was a kid so I grew up watching Alyn McCauley through junior and into his time with the Leafs and had something similar to this, with most of his junior stuff autographed.

  4. Mix with a packet of alfredo powder, a tbsp of light cream cheese and some cottage cheese to make a creamy alfredo sauce. Can be used with veggies to make it super volume or just use it with pasta.

  5. For starters yes, this is 21, found sliders that are really realistic that are harder to replicate in the newer games.

  6. Brother introduced me to NHL 05 as a kid and was pretty much hooked ever since.

  7. That’s awesome but pretty funny given that 05 is widely considered the worst instalment in the series, many higher-ups at EA lost their jobs over that game and all the botched features that didn’t get into the game in time.

  8. It’s insane how much depth and realism there was in 2004, the 04Rebuilt community is constantly toying with the game files and finding stuff that was way ahead of its time. It’s insane that it was followed up by 2005, which was horrible, and 06, which was basically arcade button-mashing.

  9. I don’t know if it’s a “promo night” per se but back in the early 2000’s there were LNAH teams that would basically guarantee their fans opening faceoff or warmup fights on their team websites for that night’s game.

  10. For any of you who regularly bus through the Carlington/Westboro area you may have experienced the guy who asks you if he can talk to you about the earth’s creator. Was taking the 85 one day where he was reading his bible in the back corner of the bus and a homeless guy a couple seats over fell asleep and ended up in his lap, he looked like a parent reading a bedtime story to his child.

  11. Is she going to bring sunscreen to eat counteract the spice?

  12. Haha at least someone got the reference!

  13. I don’t mean to be too graphic but I always find it funny that this is a stereotype with cold water therapy. While you’re in the water you experience shrinkage yeah but when you get out and the blood really starts flowing it gets longer than ever…

  14. Siwi-brand dumplings can be found at Real Canadian Superstore. 70 calories for four mini dumplings. I don’t know if Betty’s Light Bread is Canada-specific but it’s good shit. Lou’s peameal bacon might not fit the physical size requirements to count as “volume” but their roasts at 800 calories for 112g protein.

  15. I don’t know if it counts as volume because it’s not physically as big as a lot of foods posted here but peameal bacon, I get the Lou’s brand roasts that are 800 calories 112g protein for the whole thing. Even if it just makes up the main course for two of my meals, I can pretty much eat whatever I want as sides and my last meal of the day because that’s about 65% of my protein needs and only about 30% of my maintenance calories

  16. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Freddy Andersen is top-10 all-time in NHL scoring by Danish-born players.

  17. And then they drown it out with All The Single Ladies lol

  18. It really depends on time/location. In a lot of cases they’re similar and tie goes to Uber because there’s less chance of them not showing up plus taxis expect tips. But there are a lot of dead spots even when you’re pretty central where there are limited if not no driver on the road, Uber’s quality has definitely dwindled.

  19. If I remember correctly, this was the opening faceoff of the second period, Laraque had just been acquired by Granby that day and didn’t get to the game until the end of the first.

  20. Well, the main issue at play here is that we as a society haven't reach a point where preaching against the right of transgender people to exist is considered "crossing the line"...

  21. He’s trying to end the existence of transgender people?

  22. I'm in a "don't cry because it's over smile because it happened" type of a mood. I can live off that super bowl for a long time as well as winning back to back division titles and another playoff win in 2021. Thank you GOAT

  23. Same here, I live on the Quebec border where the Saints are huge, and I had to put up with their fan’ shit talk for years. Ending Brees career ensure I never have to listen to their shit again, that game was basically the Super Bowl to me. Also, having Brady leave ensures that I won’t be assumed to be a bandwagoner when I wear Bucs stuff anymore, lol.

  24. The best part about living in Ottawa and being a Leafs fan is, of course, ticket prices…. The worst part is being considered a social cancer, because we are typically at out worst(best) in that city

  25. Pretty much this. I used to hate how Team 1200 acted like we were vermin and stopped just short of advocating violence against/outright banning us Leafs fans, but I’m embarrassed everytime I go to a game here how many Leafs fans are on their absolute worst behaviour possible. I totally understand why Sens fans don’t bother attending these games anymore, our traveling fanbase can be fun but it can also be fucking insufferable.

  26. Don't forget your packed lunches or spite lunch. If your not happy to be back in the office, then don't support businesses that forced/encouraged the politicians to make you go back to the office.

  27. Yep, I’m not really as up in arms about this as the people at the Canada public servants sub, I think going back twice a week is an okay compromise. But if I’m going to the office it’s to be a worker, not to be a consumer. Fully on board with everyone packing a lunch and freezing out the surrounding businesses as much as possible.

  28. Can’t believe I’m saying this because I grew up in the heyday of the 67’s-Olympiques rivalry but the Friday night game will almost certainly have the better atmosphere. The rivalry with Gatineau just isn’t what it used to be.

  29. Like it or not.. covid is over. Its globally accepted that we are just living with it from now on.

  30. Agreed and when people say “covid is over” it doesn’t mean covid is nonexistent, it means that we’re no longer in a place where we need to look at everything through the lens of covid. Suggesting otherwise is just a suspension of reality, and frankly muddies the water of legit concerns about returning to the office.

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