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  1. Don't just ask for a Masters Step it up to a PHD, to weed out the unqualified.

  2. Instead of fluoride, they should add electrolytes; that's what the people of Richmond crave.

  3. Sodium fluoride tends to be an electrolyte I’m pretty sure but not a scientist

  4. You can pay by mail but still have to pay the court fees and now an added processing fee

  5. How much in court fees. I mean in TN a speeding ticket is a $25 fine and $175 in court fees

  6. My dues are a hour of my pay every 2 weeks. Small price to pay to avoid being taken advantage of.

  7. Not only that, but with the crap insurance we have , if any insurance at all, it's damned expensive to go to the doctor.

  8. I’m lucky to still be covered on my parents plan until I age out otherwise it would be hella expensive. $450/mo for shit tier coverage.

  9. That's shifty. I had one when I was going through some other health issues and my admin insisted I go home right away. They said they'd prefer if I didn't go get my stuff even.

  10. True. The place I work for in American owned and we have been selling to Cuba forever. We just send it through a third party.

  11. Which is still illegal lol learned about this during my annual compliance training this year

  12. Adam Sandler movies he was in are good residuals.

  13. I mean he’s a shitty comedy master lol he does make some entertaining stuff just didn’t think 300 million dollars worth

  14. I tell my supervisor that I work to make money and not friends. Not rude to other workers, but don't want no part of their social aspects. The company isn't in business of making friends, the company wants to make money. I just share the company's motto of making money.

  15. Same here. If you want to be social cool if not that’s ok too. But what is required is a respectful workplace.

  16. And if the capitalists get their way we can have child labor at the new mine too. The constitution doesn’t explicitly say children shouldn’t work so it’s not a protected right.

  17. In the US the burden for education falls on the learner and you get a learners permit that lets you drive with another licensed adult in the vehicle. However a lot of people are stupid so this roughly plays out to a large amount of people with the bare minimum of understanding of their vehicle.

  18. My dad is a pilot. If people know how much airlines and aircraft rely on buggy unreliable old tech, no one would fly again.

  19. I dispatch and this is 100% correct. I mean it’s safe but to say it’s not buggy is a lie. You have to be precise with every command

  20. They use it “old tech” and operating systems because basically all the bugs have been worked out over decades. It’s reliable tech. But it is also much harder to gain access to their systems when there is no usb drive and no internet connection. It’s a cheaper easier way of cyber security

  21. So AAL uses a software called DECS by Sabre as their reservation software and dispatchers use other Sabre products. The integration sucks. If you do something In one software you have to do it in a command line to make sure it translated and checking takes just as long as doing. I’ve delayed a flight before and didn’t realize it didn’t take in DECS which is what customers see until it was too late. There is a push to get the programs to communicate better so this chaos doesn’t happen.

  22. So the Taliban holds someone who was in Afghanistan to help the country rebuild its infrastructure hostage for 2 years and trades that person for a glorified drug dealer. Well that shows you their true colors!

  23. Good lord, these linkedin wanna bees are something else. This clown's talking smack like he's accomplished something noteworthy.

  24. Business traveler here as well… about 120 nights a year. Marriott is a much better loyalty program than IHG; good choice.

  25. This. And not the same kind of HPV that you get on your genitals.

  26. My bosses will order sandwiches and stuff 3 or 4 times a year (from the company's fund, though they certainly want us to kiss their asses for it like they paid out of pocket).

  27. I mean...look at the governor. And Zinke. Being needlessly cruel and fleecing people are their bread and butter.

  28. Every payday first thing I do is Xfer $900 to savings where I hold it for the mortgage payment. Then after that we see how much is left after all the other bills (car insurance, utilities, cable, cell phones) then see if there is any "fun money" left.

  29. My shit is to budgeted out for there to be surprised. I know how much I make and how much flex I can afford on my budget before the check comes

  30. Wait till you learn about the air traffic controller strike Reagan illegally ended

  31. Wait until you learn aviation employees in general have poor working conditions. Dispatchers are only required 24 hours off every 7 and 8 hours of rest between shifts. Shifts are only supposed to be 10 hours but if flights are delayed and you have no relief congrats your 10 hours is now 15.

  32. I’m living the dream from that one pandemic payment 3 years ago

  33. You think they didn’t harvest data on exactly what you are buying already? I guess you can sort it into a new category though

  34. I think the move here is to no longer allow credit purchases of guns. Debit or cash only which makes since bc I think a lot of violent people didn’t save up to go shoot people but a lot of trustworthy stable gun owners do. Same reason you can’t buy lottery tickets on a credit card.

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