1. If it takes 100 of them to move a dumbbell very slowly how are they getting a cannon around

  2. But what if the opponent plays d20 afterwards?

  3. I play this game on mobile devices, I have no idea what most of the cards are meant to be. Silent has a rabbit motif as far as I can tell.

  4. All-out-attack is a reference to Persona’s all out attacks where you do massive damage to all enemies if you manage to knock them all down

  5. You should try to grind the golden hands. They offer lots of xp and money. Try to be around level 35 for the end

  6. I’m definitely turning on EXP boost for that then the golden hands are really hard to beat. The treasure demons in 5 were easier because atleast they had weaknesses

  7. They are pretty hard in the beginning. Try to use chie to increase critical rate to possible knock them down

  8. Also I think you have to reuse the letter every time you reenter her shop for some reason

  9. Last time I played Zelda one was a while ago. I’m pretty sure the letter gets replaced with a potion when you buy one and when you use it it turns back into the letter though

  10. “I need to” - Alex, I’ll take three words no human should ever say unrelated to true bare necessities

  11. “I need to finish this assignment before it is due.” I don’t think that counts as true bare necessities

  12. Nomura said that the bandages were put there to represent that Cloud is a broken man. Which isn't wrong but imo is a bit too on the nose.

  13. "... and a lot of bandages for some reason that I'll never explain."

  14. Yep. I just have to cure him at the end of battle since 7777 takes your hp to 1 at the end of the battle.

  15. Why would that matter if he’s level 99?

  16. Oof that’s the worst. My first time around I really could taste absolutely nothing but it all came back. This time and the time before I could taste everything. I think she can still taste and smell like normal. Think she’s just tired and achy.

  17. When I got Covid my taste felt off for a few hours and then went back to normal. It was how I knew I had covid

  18. Waluigi is just some guy who hates Luigi. And Wario just so happens to know Luigi’s brother.

  19. c'mon, Kirby clearly liked ribbon back, when she kissed him he almost fainted and had hearts coming out of him while deeply blushing, he is not a baby like in the anime

  20. so basically the average Ridley player

  21. Avarage Ridley player for me is spamming side special. It sounds easy to dodge but hero’s moves can be slow at times

  22. I remember it being tough but not brutal. It was a while ago though I can’t remember

  23. Taster’s far from just an Easter egg but yeah, too many people attribute everything to Gaster

  24. saved confidants arent in ng+ because some like maruki morgana and i think someone else are auto ranked up

  25. How are the covers in other countries?

  26. I'm referring to out of Europe, never been out of the continent

  27. maybe they have the ability of foresight to see to the future

  28. I’m playing fire emblem heros, why is chapter 4 book 2 not open? I cleared chapter 3

  29. Someone here might answer, but you might have better luck at

  30. still cant believed they dressed my boy yusuke as a clown

  31. Your 12 year old has the handwriting of a 6 year old. This definitely belongs in the subreddit.

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